Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch for T-Mobile

Just to clarify, lookimg at the last picture of the wrists. This model is the smaller one (42mm)

Not compatible with all Android devices, not even all Samsung phones. My son got one to pair with his Galaxy on5, but it won’t connect. A quick email to Samsung support confirmed that it was not compatible.

Here’s a link to to the compatibility chart. Or, check with Samsung directly.

I own this watch. It has a 1.2 inch screen and connects to my Nexus 6 without a problem. I have never used the T-Mobile connection, (even though that is my carrier). You do not have to connect it, just to your phone is fine.

It works great, and you can shower with it on. Also it is great for working out, as you can put music on it and bluetooth connect to ear phones, and you don’t need your phone.

Edit: Works great with Galaxy S5 and IS on the compatibility list.

I love this watch and use it in tethered-mode (no monthly service fees!) daily for vibratory (I have partial hearing loss) call/calendar/text notifications and as a speaker-phone.

The speaker phone is decent sounding and very handy for answering a quick call (tethered to my phone) without pulling my phone out. Does a speakerphone watch count as hands-free?

It also has fitness (w/ heart rate) and sleep tracking, which I do not use - much to my wife’s dismay.

Good selection of apps are available for it. My kids also really enjoyed using the free Samsung "Gear Watch Designer"software to create and customize watch faces for it.

To clarify: if using in tethered mode (wifi and bluetooth) you do NOT need T-Mobile service to use the phone tethered. I for example have the model being sold today -
the “T-Mobile” Gear S2 being offered here, a Galaxy S5 on Sprint’s service, and they work together seamlessly (tethered).

Hope this helps.

That’s the non-Samsung phone compatibility list - you can note that there are NO Samsung phones listed at all. Here’s the link below for Samsung’s wearables compatibility list with Samsung phones (follow the Gear S2 column down):

how does this connect to a network? does it use a sim and is it unlocked?
If I use a T-Mobile MVNO like Project Fi, can I use a project fi data only sim in it?

I believe the S2 uses eSIM (embedded SIM). It comes with two strings of numbers used to enroll at T-Mobile, but the phone/watch has no physical SIM slot.

If you don’t need (or want to pay for) GSM direct connections, you can also use it tethered it to you phone via wifi and/or bluetooth.

I think Project Fi uses old-school SIM cards, so I don’t believe that would work with the S2. (But if I’m wrong please let me know as I’d love to try it).

Is white the only color available?


I already have the gear S2 classic this would just be interesting to have the cellular version to leave my phone at home from time to time.

Connected fine to my Nexus 5 as well–a little too well, even: when I wanted to make a call from the phone (which, admittedly, happens rarely), I found that the watch was still trying to act as the speaker/mic. Not sure how to make it not act as speakerphone…?

Sleep tracking is nonexistent, btw. The health app—one of the approx. five it put on my phone—has a page where you can enter your own sleep info, but it doesn’t do it automatically the way, say, my wife’s fitbit does.

Also, the buckle is obnoxious and digs into the underside of my wrist, so I’ve found it fairly uncomfortable to wear for long periods.