Samsung HAF-CIN/EXP Refrigerator Filter

So here is the thing about these filters. Yes, you can find cheaper ones if you’re willing to get the generic brands. But what they don’t tell you, and I think Woot is missing a golden opportunity here, is that Samsung is one of the very few filter-makers whose filters are NSF 42 AND NSF 53 certified!

NSF 42 certification is the one everyone has. That means that the filter reduces most (up to 97%) of the chlorine and tastes/odors in the water. OK, that’s nice.

NSF 53 certification is the one that really matters in my opinion. That one is the one that reduces 99% of lead, VOCs, cysts (like Cryptosporidium and Giardia), and asbestos.

Here are a couple of links to pages explaining all of that.

Long story short, these filters are worth the extra expense, and at this price, they’re a steal!

I bought these filters but i do not think they are genuine. For a genuine filter the stickers on them are extremely low quality. I have compared them with a genuine one I bought from BestBuy and you can clearly see the low quality of the stickers on them. The Samsung logo has extremely poor resolution on them and the trademark sign on the NSF sign is so poor that you cannot read the sign. I will most likely use them since they are cheap but I highly doubt these are genuine Samsung filters.