Samsung HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

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Samsung HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera
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Any idea if there is a housing that would let you put this outside?

Do I have to worry about this catching on fire or exploding?

Works great, no complaints.

Samsung is doing some major tricking by removing features. The manual says you can use a web browser to access these SNH-V6414BN devices. Which you can until the firmware is updated OR you connect to Once you do this, it turns off local connections which is what you need if you utilize ZoneMinder or iSpy, etc. They are forcing you to go through their website, turn on location on your smartphone which means they know where you live, and see what you have in your home, who’s there, etc. What a total invasion of privacy.

If you are viewing your live feed through your phone and see a “R” in the top right it means you are going through a third party host. I never asked for that. I never saw a requirement for this. Samsung, I need to find out how to sue you for this?

I’m damned if I can even get connected to the camera. I held down the “direct” connection button and I see an access point called DIRECT-CAM-XXXX where XXXX are the last four letters of the serial code, but it’s a password protected endpoint and there is no mention of a password anywhere.

Did anyone else get this to work?

Update: It turns out the password was only listed on the IOS side of the quick start guide (and not in the user guide at all!). The password is “smartcam”.

Update 2: It turns out I stupidly installed the “smart camera” plugin from Samsung (confusingly called Samsung SMART CAMERA App). What the hell was I thinking? Turns out you have to install the plug-in published by HANWHA TECHWIN CO., LTD. I can’t believe I assumed that the actual branded software in the play store was not correct. Duh. I always install apps from companies that I’ve never heard of, and doesn’t match the company name on all of the instructions.

Massively f’d up.