Samsung HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

Does it work with SmartThings?

For the record - I did research my question.

Similar models are listed as working but this one is not specifically listed.

As of right now no. but a firmware patch is in the works so i hear!

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN), Black is listed as working so I chatted with Smartthings and was told they couldn’t confirm it would work. He said it might be worth experimenting to see if it does as long as there is a good return policy.

The Samsung model “6414” IS listed as an option in the Smart Things App now. It was added in the last week or so. You would think since they added “6414”, and not a specific model number, that it would logically indicate the entire 6414 line, right? However, Samsung has not been very logical with their cameras at all thus far. I see some models ending in BM and some in BN. The “R” sometimes seen on the end simply means it is refurbished.

I was able to confirm the models ending in “BN” are guaranteed to be Smart Things compatible. They said the previous “BM” model might work…but no guarantees.

I ordered two of these (BM models)hoping for the best. Since these operate through standard WIFI (and not Zwave or Zigbee), I have a hunch they might actually work with Smartthings. If they do, they would be a heck of a deal!

They should work. I read that the “N” stands for new while the “MR” is manufacturer refurbished. seems to be consistent with what’s listed on amazon.