Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer and Dryer

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Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer and Dryer
$1499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Samsung 3.79 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer WF316LAS
  • 1 Samsung 7.3 cu. ft. Super Capacity Electric Dryer DV316LES

i got links… check useful linkage for the comparison shopping links… if this doesn’t brighten up your monday, nothing will…

Man, only if I had the money and my own apartment.

if only it’d fit in the space where we keep our w/d currently!!

Do these have any pedistal storage?

If you run them both at the same time, they’re almost loud enough to drown out the Screaming Monkey. Which is sad.

So are these shipped fedex? I would almost order this if it was just so i could laugh at the poor delivery guy that has to lug these to my front door.

Wow, I paid almost twice that when I bought my front loaders. WHERE WAS THIS A YEAR AGO?! $5 shipping to boot. That’s a f’in steal.

If I bought these I would be such a hero to my wife.

Too bad she will never know about them.

Gotta love that it only costs $5 in shipping. However, I live in Texas and the taxes would be $124 more. :frowning:

Stainless is too difficult to keep clean, And I simply do not care for front loaders. Clothers always drag on the floor.

But you simply can not argue the 5 USD shipping. YES! No fedex smartpost

Samsung makes washer and driers!?! I never knew that lol.

Too rich for my blood >_<. Night everyone!

The window on these things are the best feature. They are like watching a movie…about clothes…move in a circular pattern.

EDIT: Oh yeah…lol @ $5 for shipping.

Just bought 1 similar for $4,000.00, should have waited, good buy


Everyone’s too afraid of the 1.5k price tag.

Shame I don’t need a washer and dryer, it does seem like a solid deal for a nice set.

What are the exact errors on the dryer, though?

Nope, read the bottom of the description

WOW!!! Woot will you haul away my old units… LOL

$5 shipping WOW. I do not need a washer and dryer in my dorm room so pass.

Dang. You guys are gonna have to start offering financing. Nice set and VERY nice price.

Nice stuff, but the appliance man in town who’s been here for 40 years or so told me not to buy Samsung because he says repair parts are tough to find!