Samsung Home Theater Upgrades

There are some better deals on Sear’s outlet site for floor models. Then you have the full new item’s warranty too. I just got the 1000w HT-F5500W Home Theater with built in WI-FI and wireless rear speakers and such for $150. Not everyone will have as good a deal near them but it’s worth checking out.

I bought the 2.1 Samsung w/subwoofer the last time it was on Woot (about 1 month ago at the same price) & I love it. It has everything you need to set it up right out of the box, or you can spring for a $5 cable from Amazon to have the digital audio output. I bought the cable & my husband & I are extremely happy with the sound and the appearance of it. We have a Samsung tv, so your mileage may vary with another manufacturer.

40" bar already sold out??? How many did you guys had, 2??? Been looking for ne for about 6 months but don’t wanna pay $240 for a new one :frowning:

Close, they only had one. Maybe you will get lucky, and they will have more in the future.

Crossing my fingers on the all in one bluray/5.1 system. Historically I’ve stayed away from tiny all in one systems, however this is solely for a small room home theater. Most everything I do is through my tv or computer anyway, this is just to get surround back (all my old speakers are huge) in the small space.

Broken right out of the box was not able to use it once.