Samsung Home Theater Upgrades

I’ve had my Samsung 3D BluRay Surround system for over two years now. I love it and highly recommend it. Also, the included apps are a bonus, if you have a way to get an Ethernet cable hooked into them, or want to get the wifi adapter for it. Having Netflix accessible by remote instead of having to hook up a computer to your TV is super convenient. It also has an app called AllShare which lets you set your computer up as a media server, allowing you to play music, movies, video or browse pictures all from your living room without having to physically connect your computer to your TV. These things are great!

The picture of the Non 3D Blue Ray DVD player has a picture of it with “3D” clearly written on the top of the player. Wrong picture or wrong description Woot?

Wrong pictures, no fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Both of those Blu-Ray players have TERRIBLE reviews on Amazon.

Really? Got links? I ask because this is what I see on Amazon:

[Samsung HT-EM35]]( (4 out of 5 stars, two reviews)

I did find rather mixed Squallmart reviews, but still 3.5 of 5

Does anybody know whether the blu-ray players in the 5.1 home theater bundles (either regular or 3D) support multi-channel SACD playback?

I picked up the $40 device during a previous woot. Via Netflix long movies burb, stall and then crash the system.

However, shorter subjects like documentaries and TV shows work fine.

(This is after software and HDMI fixes.)

On the other hand, dvds…blu ray, whatever…work flawlessly

I bought the Samsung HW-E450CC 40" Bluetooth AudioBar with Wireless Subwoofer from woot a few months ago. We love it. Sub isnt much, so if you’re looking to thump your tunes it might not be for you. Use it with the Panasonic P60ST60 and was able to program the Uverse remote to control it. Absolutely recommend.

I’m not talking about the HTIBs, but the Blu-Ray players themselves.

Craptastic Exhibit A:

Craptastic Exhibit B:

anyone have any experience/opinion about the soundbars?

My wife literally hates surround sound (finds it disturbing having noises come from behind her) and would love to get a good soundbar to improve the quality over the tv (but not pay an arm and a leg for it) but we have limited space so floorstanding speakers are out and I would love to avoid an extra box in my entertainment console