Samsung HW-KM57C Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

I dont have this exact soundbar, but commenting on sound bar vs home theater, theres no comparison to be made. A proper home theater is just in a completely different league than a sound bar, even if the sound bar has separate rear speakers.

Sound bars are compromises of design and space. They’re designed to be relatively hidden, easy to set up, and inexpensive compared to a home theater set up.

I have a sound bar for my living room. It’s just fine for a some music, and improving the TVs sound. Compared to my dedicated home theater in my basement though, its really just not even remotely close.

Are kidding me? There is no comparison between a soundbar and a sound system. I have sound bars with subs on all my TVs. I have surround sound as well, but it doesn’t get used for casual TV watching or when people are sleep, or to watch the news. It’s like getting mad my truck gets shit gas mileage. That’s not its purpose.

What am I looking at here? Is this a 3.1 setup? Is the extra box wireless to run the 2 rear speakers?

Does it come with the rear speakers? It says they are optional, but it also says they are in the box.


Subwoofer: Wireless
Surround: Surround Sound Ready
*Rear wireless capable with optional SWA-8000S Speakers

In the Box:

Samsung HW-KM57C Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, Satellite Speakers, and Wireless

The satellite speakers are wired. The box separates the left and right rear channels and sends the signal to the subwoofer.

Samsung Support Page for this (now discontinued) 2016 Sound bar:
Slightly concerning is that Samsung’s spec do not discuss frequency response.
On the positive side, Costco sells this product, and since Costco does some vetting of products beyond simply price, they must approve of its quality. Costco member price $329.
The rear speakers are not simply 2 more speakers, they are 2 speakers plus an amplifier. Presumably in keeping with the wireless idea of the soundbar, the rear unit plugs into an AC outlet for power and the main unit transmits audio content wirelessly to it, and it uses wires to the two rear speakers. AZ price for rear is $300.
I’m thinking of this main unit as a Bluetooth sound system for use with a phone or iPod in a bedroom. Should be adequate for background music with reasonable highs and bit of base…

It comes with what you see. The linked manual on the specs page may help clear it up for you.

They’re wired to that box only, right? Or do I have to run wires from my TV area to the rear?

I’ve got the Vizio 4051 refurb they sold here many times and a great A/V 7.1 setup. Yes my big system is better, but at least the Vizio sounds about 80 percent as good and doesn’t draw near as much power, and it sounds 10 times better then the TV speakers when I just want to watch TV.
Same as everybody else if I’m watching a movie or something special I fire up the big system, if just watching whatever the sound bar does the job very nicely and probably sounds better then many cheap setups people have for their main sound system.
If this thing sounds close to as nice as the Vizio I think those that get one will be happy.