Samsung HW-Q67CT Dolby Digital 7.1 Theater System

Samsung HW-Q67CT Dolby Digital 7.1 Theater System

This is not a true 7.1 system… It can only decode Dolby digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1… And I guess it tries to “simulate” 2 extra channels… The sounbar does have a bunch of extra speakers in it but it doesnt decode 7.1 audio channels… :expressionless: so who knows what type of sounds are coming from those speakers.

I’m dissapointed with the sound bar and sub by themselves without the surround speakers. It sounds just a little flat and it doesnt thump hard unless you turn up the volume high. I have a 20 year old Sound blaster
2.1 computer speaker system with a 5 inch sub that puts this samsung soundbar/sub combo to shame.

When listening to music you have to turn it up really high to really feel the bass… I wish it let you control it separately.

I will say that it does sound really good, loud and clear when watching a true 5.1 audio source, like a movie or game.

The wireless rear speakers work great for me and they’re real convenient for my room setup. Thats the biggest reason why I got them.

I just received and set these speakers up and tested them on my 55” Samsung The Frame (2020) TV via the HDMI ARC port and the integration and audio is perfect for me. I’ve got the rear speakers as well setup. Also tested Bluetooth connection to my iPhone 12 Pro and stereo audio is great as well.
Well worth the refurbished cost I paid for this system and I would highly recommend.
The bass is manually adjustable via remote.

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