Samsung Illusion Verizon Smartphone

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Samsung Illusion Verizon Smartphone
Price: $49.99
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Welcome to 2010!

Y’all got some cheek claiming a $330 list price for what looks like a 5-year-old phone running Gingerbread.

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If it was in the watch section theyd claim it to be 3300 so they could say its 99% off like they do on the watches :slight_smile:

still 50 or so bucks for a smart phone doesnt seem horrible if it works but i dont know much about the older smart phone market

I have been using this phone on Straight Talk, only they call it the Proclaim. It’s a good phone, if you don’t mind Android 2.3. This is also the phone Verizon uses (or used) for their prepaid service. I recently purchased a refurbished for $45, on eBay and I want to say a new one use to be just under $100.

If you’re looking for a cheap Android for someone, I say go for it.

It is impossible to find any cases, unless you look online.

Uh, it’s running Anne-Droid 2.3, which is Gingerbread. That version was last updated September, 2011. I know that my S3 phone got upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4.2 recently due to the OpenSSL vulnerability and a certificate vulnerability.

Anybody know if this can be activated without a Verizon data plan (i.e. used as a wifi-only non-data phone?)

Didn’t see if it used a SIM card or anything.

Remember Thanksgiving of 2011? Remember how aunt Maybel was completely amazed at phones that could play music, take grainy photos, and still manage to open webpages at painfully slow speeds?

She was willing to spend over $300 on the latest phone that could do all that. But nooooo! You convinced her she could do better and talked her into giving you the money so you could find a better phone for her.

So here we are almost 3 years later (which in phone years is like 75), and you really haven’t found a better option for her. You could go back to her and admit your incompetence; but now thanks to Woot you won’t have to!

Get her the phone she always wanted and pocket the difference! Oh and when you deliver it to her, please let her know that Pluto is no longer a planet.

Page Plus is almost as terrible as freedomPop…beware kids!

Between this and the Nokia 520/521 which is better/gooder or which is badder/worser?

To properly explain… I don’t ever talk on the phone, text, email with mobile devices or use the internet with a mobile device.

All I care about is the camera… I want a camera that if need be could make a phone call.

I currently have an iphone 4 ( purchased on woot) with page plus and in my area, the service worked very well. I am also beta testing Frredompop’s phone service with a phone brought off craigslist. So far, no problems. I even used it geocaching yesterday and found the cache. That said, I haven’t taken either phone on a road trip yet.

My point is that Pageplus is an affordable option in areas where they have good coverage. Since Freedompop’s phone service is still in beta, it’s not a fair comparison. I also have a Freedompop hotspot and have never had any issues.

Wow, I don’t see phones on Woot very often. I don’t really recommend this one, though, as it’s not particularly a steal, not to mention the specs are relatively outdated.

Kind of. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain that this isn’t completely possible without some clever (and questionably legal) maneuvering involving MEID swapping.

However, you purchase the $1.99/MB pay-as-you-go data plan and turn off mobile data all together in the settings. This might not be a bad idea if you need data in a pinch!

If you’re looking for a good camera you’re really gonna hate this phone, sorry buddy. The Lumias are alright, have you tried looking into the Nokia Pureviews? A bit expensive but great camera.

This is a good point about older Androids. I have a galaxy S shift (beta testing Freedompop BYOD) running Gingerbread. I downloaded a couple of apps from bit defender and one warned me that my OS was vulnerable. So, if you are using an older model be careful what info you store on the phone and make sure you have a variety of protective apps, not just a virus checker. Also check permissions before downloading apps, the Google play store will tell you what permissions the apps are asking for.

I have this phone and its garbage. Battery life is very short and it runs very slow. It also freezes when I run apps.
Not worth more than 5 bucks…

With the Moto G and Moto E on the market you really have no reason to buy anything else in this price range.

My 4 y.o. HTC incredible 2 is getting a little worn. It is on Gingerbread also. I don’t think that this Samsung would even be an upgrade for it. I have more on board memory and a better camera. I guess I will pass, unless someone can convince me that this phone is better than an HTC Incredible 2.

I have to respectfully completely disagree with you. I moved to Page Plus when Verizon wouldn’t let me use smart phones without a data plan nearly 10 years ago and I have been nothing but happy. My teenager has a plan on which I need to pay $30/year ($10/120 days). I moved my husband to Page Plus and a $80/year card and we are now adding $10/120 day cards because he still hasn’t used up the money.

Page Plus isn’t for data hogs, but if you really want the phone for WiFi and emergency data, it is a great service.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to buy this over a Moto G - which, for a Verizon prepaid version, is only $14 more on the mothership, assuming Prime shipping. I have 4 of those (a sickness, I know), because I got them for $50 a while back, and I use them as IP webcams and other things. Fantastic phone, vastly superior to this one, just got updated to KitKat 4.4.4 (the absolute latest). If you want a WiFi only device, it’s great. If you want a cheap Verizon prepaid, it’s great. Only a fool or someone with very particular needs would get this when the Moto G is less than $20 more.

Edited to clarify: the Moto G can be set up as a pure WiFi device easily. Activation with Verizon takes less than 5 minutes, and you’ll get a phone number and a data plan, but you never need to provide payment information (just keep picking the “do it later” options). Once done. the device is all set. Put it in Airplane mode and reactivate WiFI (not required but probably a good idea), and it’ll be the best $69 you ever spend on a device.