Samsung L74W 7.2MP Wide Angle Camera with 2GB SD Card and 60'' Tripod

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Samsung L74W 7.2MP Wide Angle Camera with 2GB SD Card and 60" Tripod
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Samsung L74W 7.2MP Digital Camera
  • 1 Dane-Elec 2GB SD Card
  • 1 Kraft Tech 60 inch Tripod

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It’s got a 3" touchscreen, not too many cameras have that feature!

I bought this camera online and it was DOA. I sent it back and got another DOA. Waiting for the third right now…

How does the quality of a Samsung camera stack up against a Cannon or a Kodak? Are these any good and are they reliable?

A wide lens and nifty tour guide feature simply can’t redeem the Samsung L74W from its poor image quality, slow shooting, and irritating interface

CNET rating: 5.8/10


3 inch touchscreen, too bad I just bought another camera!

Not such great reviews on Amazon. But there’s only a few so far.

I personally don’t think this cam looks too awesome.

any relevant ratings?
how’s battery life, etc etc…

I already have a camera, too bad it’s not just the tripod for sale…goodnight.

Wow, good camera at a great price. Too bad I already have a fairly new digital camera.

the dane elect shows up again. I saw it at a couple of stores as well. Im sure it is just as good as any other brand.

Purchased my father the 10megapixel version of this, he loves it. Just went to Australia and took 800 photos on less than a gig of memory. If the 7mp is as good as the 10 (minus extra pixels) its a deal. The touch interface is difference.

wow, very nice.
circa 240 bucks elsewhere, and with 2 gigs and a tripod? a steal.


I bought a similar Sansung S1050 camera from woot back in January of 2008.
Camera has been returned to Samsung twice for repair. I have never had a chance to use the camera! I am not too impressed with Samsung’s customer service so far in handling the situation. They have a nightmare phone system that runs you in circles and their customer service agents “disconnect” you when they transfer you to other departments.

Review from Digital Camera Review

Summary: neat touchscreen, well-built, but the image quality isn’t fantastic, the battery dies fairly quickly, and if you don’t get along well with the touchscreen you’re going to hate it.

What’s up??? The Samsung 10.1 Megapixel they had a few weeks ago was about 50 bucks cheaper. I bought one and like it!!! I guess this one’s got a touch screen. Really no big deal to me.

Bought one these from woot a while back but was a 10 mp for only 119 plus shipping didn’t have a tripod but thought it was a better deal for less. What is up woot?