Samsung Level U Pro BT In-ear Headphones

whats the battery life? can these be used with a ps4 or computer?

PS4 only allows authorized devices to connect. No off the shelf BT headsets. So long as your PC has BT they should connect fine with that.

I have one of these that I use almost every single day. It is the first bluetooth headset I’ve had and used that has not received any complaints from whoever is on the other end of the line in regards to sound and call quality. Out of all the bluetooth headsets I have used, which is a lot, it’s the best in regard to call quality. However, there are a few design flaws i must point out. Unlike most “horseshoe” type BT’s, all the weight on this one is in the back, which makes it want to fall off your neck, and/or spin around and fall off. The other design issue is the earbuds. They are terrible. They absolutely would not ever stay in my ears unless I kept my head perfectly straight or just didn;t move. I had to order a set of rubber earbud covers with the little “boomerang” to get them to stay, but it did solve the problem

I use mine almost everyday and only charge it every 4 or five days, and I have yet to have mine go dead on me.