Samsung Micro System w/ 30-pin iPod Dock

Good price, good reviews,In for one.
New for $98 on Amazon.
12 reviews 4 star rating

My wife wants a Samsung Micro System for her Samsung phone.

Have one, great sound for the size and nice quality, dvd playback is a plus.

Here’s a converter so that you can plug it into a micro USB Smartphone and get the same functionality
EDIT: I actually found one that works but it’s $30… If you really really want to charge and play I guess but otherwise seems silly.

Babelfish please…


[MOD: Embedded video. Gives a good view of the system. ]

Does this have to be hooked up to your TV to work? Can it be used without being hooked up to a TV?

What’s the point if the DVD playback? Isn’t this an iPod speaker + FM tuner?

Seems like it could be a good way to get better speakers to say, a bedroom TV. You get a DVD player, speakers, iPod player, and FM all in one small system.

Seriously Samsung, you supposedly put out the greatest phone, the galaxy s3, and have few accessories for it?! Then you make the one accessory that everyone wants for the Iphone! Bahhh! I would pay twice this amount for a galaxy s3 compatible for my girlfriend, simple perfect gift, christmas complete. But no, logic cant be had…

After Czech-ing out this video, I opted to get this. My DVD player died and my 3gen iPod Touch 16GB has a broken screen that finally stopped responding to touch, so this should fill the gaps.

I’m seconding the complaint of jay3120 about support for Samsung phones! I’m looking to upgrade to a Galaxy Note 2 next month and it would be great if they would support their own devices!

I guess that the landfills will keep busy until we find a way to make it more profitable to manufacture electronics with upgradable software, than the same old planned obsolescence spiral.

Does this have a remote control?

Read the specs in the description.

Here’s the manual.

I bought this from Amazon and returned it. The sound is about identical to my 42" HDTV. Nothing remarkable. It looks cool though. But I bought it for sound, not table appeal.

Get a Logitech streaming bluetooth dock. They sound excellent and are compatible with all Bluetooth smart phones, including the all proprietary iPhone 5.

That cable doesn’t look like it will help you use the dock for you non-I-phone.

Does anyone know if this will work with an iPhone 4s?

“w/ 30-pin iPod Dock”

Does that mean there’s a version of this that supports other phones? Or is this just another Apple only product I should ignore?

The specs listed on Woot indicate that it will work with the iPhone 4S.