Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit

So what is the quality of Operandi of this Modus?

My last bluetooth had issues with background conversation and sidetone. How does this one perform in that department?

$20 cheaper than Amazon.

yep. seems to be $55 elsewhere, but i bet you’ll get it faster, if you want this soon.

Samsung HM6450 Bluetooth gets
3 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews
(Amazon Reviews)

OEM headphones suck for music but are comfortable for voice calls. Comes with micro-USB to 3.5mm adapter which when using my Klipsch S4 headphones the sound quality is great and you cannot hear any static, or hissing as I have heard with other sets.

I’m buying one just to have a backup as these cost me 49.99 on newegg last month.

Anybody use one of these primarily for streaming music to another audio device (car stereo) from an iPhone? It looks like that works ok with some other similar models, anybody done it with this one or have any caveats? If so, will it automatically reconnect after getting out then back in the car?

Seems cheaper than any of the dedicated bluetooth receivers I’ve looked at.

I’ve had no issues with bg coversations and sidetones with my phone or Cisco IP communicator.

Only $15 cheaper, free shipping from amazon vs $5 here.

Anyone know if this can be used on a cordless home phone? My cheap phones don’t have a ‘speaker’ option. I don’t like holding the phone. And cause I’m so lazy if I slow down just a bit, I’d be in a coma

Reviews are lukewarm. After having gone through too many cheap (or expensive), lesser-quality BT headsets (some of which were bought here), I finally bit the bullet and bought a Plantronics M100. It’s the most comfortable thing ever in my ear, and the sound quality is crystal clear on both ends of the conversation. I like the rich feature set too. Plus mine is a cool metallic turquoise color that I’ve only seen in Best Buy. Highly recommended.

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Is this good for the ps3? My kid wants one…

i’d say no since most cordless home phones dont have blueteeth.

I’m confused… Where do you put the bluetooth if there are two earbuds? Do I really want to know? I need a pic of how to wear this thing…you know a pic is worth a…sale in this case because I’m not reading that long description.

This page has a picture of 2 perfect models wearing it – one each way.

The headphones are an add-on accessory and have a microphone built into theb but are not required to make calls as the device itself has a mono speaker built in. In the box there are some extra ear clips, the stereo headhphones shown in the photo, a charger and a micro-USB to 3.5mm converter.

from amazon

A decent bluetooth earpiece…then all these crazy inane wires and adapters to have stereo for music. What’s the point?! My Sansa Clip with short earphones is far more desirable than this utter mess of cables and plug this into this and that into that.
A stereo bluetooth headset is supposed to be small, out of the way and minimal wires (just to connect the earbuds. Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 does it right ($109), or the BackBeat 906($73).
Gonna have to bite the bullet though in a few months they’ll all figure it out and make them cheaper.