Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit

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Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Probably no bag today. Going back to work.

It looks like this headset would require 3 ears to really take full advantage of.

Yeah, I may belong over on the misunderstoodtechspecs forum but I’m not quite following how this things functions.

White or yellow? video review

I don’t think I have enough orifices for this device…

Amazingly, is actually an available domain. I should grab the site and put an applet on it that hypnotizes people. I’d then be able to control millions of Woot minions and achieve my dream of world domination.

Then again, I’m on, so I must be cheap, which means I don’t want to spend the money to register the site.

Link is sans options…no ear buds and such…but, 3 star of 5 review too.

I got one before and spliced and RCA cable into the headphone line to make a Bluetooth receiver for my home stereo. Kind of fragile way to go though.

Time to make dinner. In the process I am sure to miss something I would really want.

I hate when someone is in the store on Bluetooth and you can’t see it. You think they’re talking to you, but they aren’t! Awkward!

this is going to take forever!!! i’m trying to buy my first bag!!!

I’ve got this headset and it’s great. The android software does not work so I’m hoping that will be fixed. It’s great for listening to music from my droid at work without having to disconnect my headset everyrtime I have to leave my desk. Great range also.

I really care about our environment. I’m waiting for Greentooth to come out.

Spliced? You can get a stereo headphone jack to RCA adapter, no problem. Nice idea though.

What bag, I just want a Busking ol’Carnie!

soo slooww cmon boc