Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit

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Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well that was a quick transition lol

The Woot Gods have shown us mercy!

amazon reviews

You can take this deal and stick it in your ear.

Looks like they sold one!!!

I’m pretty sure they put up that doo-doo woot so they could regain their bearings and buy some time to fix their servers.

They have servers? :open_mouth:

just an fyi…I got one of these the last time they were on woot. The cover came off within the first week. The headset works fine…just kind of annoying that it isn’t ‘whole’ anymore

Bought one of these on Woot a while ago. When used for calls, it (or my phone) has dropped bluetooth connection every time (HTC Hero - Sprint).
I still use it, mostly for music/etc. off my phone. Stereo is good.
Overall, a mediocre deal.

The story about the headset is better than the product itself.

Forehead meet desktop… I remember when woot was about getting amazing deals for stuff. Not a pittiful $8 off. Or cheap-o ratchet sets that are marketed as a particular brand, that doesn’t even make “non-power” tools.
The only thing worth it on woot is the Bog…

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Mine too, after about the same time. I glued it back on.

Bought one of these the last time it was featured and it showed up with the cover broken off from the factory. No biggie, but maybe they should package this with a little tube of super glue.

Samsung - Great TVs; so-so bluetooth headsets …

So not only mixed reviews, but cheaper on Amazon?

This one will last a while … guess I may as well put my roomba and bissel vac & shine to good use and clean the kitchen while I wait for it to sell out!

Agreed… major flaw. salutes

How does the farther bridge work? (The part with the boat going through.)

It confuses me…

7-mile bridge

There is a strong resemblance between the recent writeups on items and the writeups in the J Peterman catalog,