Samsung Monitors

The only one with a VESA mount is the “Samsung ME32B 32” Edge-Lit LED LCD IDTV Commercial Display" so if yuo are looking for a wall mount display, these might not be for you, unless you want a 32" display.

Here’s the product page for the Samsung 4k. They keep mentioning the UHD upcale and how it is automatic but I couldn’t find out whether or not it can be turned off.

Check out the side deals page. They have a 50" vizio 4K capable TV at Walmart for $698. This bad boy is a sleeper. HDMI 5 is 4K 60hz capable - that is not a typo. It also is compatible with a standard VESA mount. I am using one of these as my main computer monitor - replacing two 27" QHD ACERs. My aging eyes loves the huge real estate and the UHD picture is awesome. And it has LED array lighting also - this is truly a sleeper and the one to get.

Keep seeing the U28D590D go down in price and it gets more tempting, but as someone accustomed to a U2711 panel I’m very wary of a TN monitor particularly since it’ll likely be at a slight off angle.

Anyone seen this in person that testify to color shift, etc?

How important or not is HDMI input? I do not recall seeing HDMI output on the back of desktops, or on portables (but this may indicate that it is time for me to be shopping for a new computer too)

I just had to change my son’t 144 MHz to from HDMI to DVI because I couldn’t bet it to run at 144 MHz on the HDMI. I’m starting to second guess HDMI’s capabilities.