Samsung Monitors

There is some Strangeness with My 27" Samsung monitor (bought elsewhere…sorry…but just thought I would share my dilemma)
It was advertised with a USB Hub, but has NO USB ports on it!
The company sent me the link to their (expired) sale, which did verify it as having the hub, and I am waiting to hear what they intend to do about it!
Hope you get what you pay for here!

Only two of the UGH 4k? Crud I’ve had my eye on these for awhile, that was a steal.

Not criticizing, just wondering, but what do people need 4K monitors for? Windows doesn’t scale well. Is it for OSX or design work? Games might look somewhat nicer I suppose but you’d drop frames compared to simple HD, I’d think.

I have the Samsung 590D 4K at home. The picture isn’t great, but if it were better, 4K is an easy sell. However, TN is TN. My eyes hurt after a while with the 590, and I will likely be swapping back to 2 1440p IPS in the near term.

At work, I use 3 1440p IPS displays at my primary workstation. I don’t want to sound flippant, but there was a time I was very happy with 640x400. If you had asked me then what I would do with the equivalent of 7680x1440 I would have had no answer at the time.

I own one (590d) and am pretty pleased with it. Is it the best? No. Did I pay for the best? No.

I’m not sure what is meant by windows doesn’t scale well? Windows 8 scales for these and almost everything does it based on the system setting (I think it’s 100%/125 and 150%) I need glasses personally but the 125% is comfortable for me for most things. Dunno how well it works in prior windows versions.