Samsung Monitors

What’s the return policy on these monitors, especially regarding dead pixels?



Check the warranty at the bottom of the “Features” tab, but short story is that defective or damaged items are returnable.

Here’s Woot’s full return policy.

Am I missing something or is the Samsung S27C230B really only $1 cheaper than a brand new one (with full warranty) from Amazon?

This one is the 590… Don’t know what the specs are on the one you are referencing… But, not the same monitor…


It might not be the same but is the exact same model number and specs are nearly identical.

Given the $5 woot shipping vs the free shipping on Amazon, it comes out to only be $1 more and is new which means it has a 36 month warranty.

Then it’s not the same monitor. Electronics model differences can vary greatly in terms of parts and stuff, but still have the same “specs”.

I’m aware of that but was sharing a very similar monitor with nearly identical specs that appears to be the better deal.

That monitor is 1080p; this one has literally four times the resolution. They’re not remotely comparable.

Not trying to start an argument just making sure we are discussing the same thing here (clicking discussion talks about all monitors in this deal not just the one you happened to be looking at when you clicked it).

Now maybe I’m completely dense but I see virtually no difference here. Both 1920 x 1080 in the specs. Same contrast ratio, same casing around the monitor and mount.

The only real difference I’m seeing is that one is new with a full, 3 year, warranty while the other is refurb with 90 days.

Not the same monitor. The amazon one has a resolution of 1920x1080

The one in the Woot sale is also 1920x1080.


If you haven’t figured it out already, the comments for all of these Samsung monitors all go to the same forum. Some people here are referring to a 27" 1080P monitor, while others are referring to a 28" 4k monitor.

Anyway, any recommendations between the two $369.99 monitors, the 28" 4k monitor and the 32" QHD monitor? I’m coming from a 28" 1080p monitor and I’m wondering if I would find the pixel density of the 4k monitor too high, and/or the QHD monitor too low?

Thanks for that…tried pointing that out but people…

For your question I guess it all depends on a few things. Can your graphics card even do 4k? A great number of them can now and I think even many laptops and onboard graphics chips can but its worth mentioning.

Also the difference in refresh rate, 1ms for the 28" 4k vs 5 for the 32". The mostly will matter if you plan to game but a 1ms refresh rate will make everything a bit smoother.

The 32" is a 1440 resolution too so I doubt you’ll find the density too low.

I bought the 28" 4k monitor last time it was on Woot and I love it…but discovered the hard way that neither of my computers have 4k support. I was intending to upgrade my home system soon anyway, and in the meantime I have a resolution I can live with. But it’s a lovely bright monitor, tons of space, and easy to set up. Mine had no dead pixels whatsoever.

Hopefully when I upgrade to a computer with 4k support I can get the full benefit.

I really want to have a Samsung 32" UHD Professional LED Monitor (U32D970Q), but it’s been sold out, will you have it available again in next couple days?

Can this monitor be used as a TV? If I have a cable HDMI input into the monitor, shouldn’t this work? It appears to have speakers which I assume would get the sound from the HDMI input. Is that correct?

Which model are you looking at? Note, all the monitors under the wootplus sale dump to the same forum. That being said, “I don’t see why not.” If your tuner is putting out compliant HDMI and the monitor is compliant, they should all function together perfectly fine.

Too late for this (the QHD one is sold out) but, for the same pixel density of your 1080p 28", the 1440 would be 37" in size. So it’s higher pixel density than your old monitor, at 32". You’re still seeing more dots per square inch. :slight_smile: