Samsung Monitors

Dear Monitor manufactures,
Please stop making monitors without VESA mounting holes.


Bought two of the 27 inch wide angle monitors last time. Both came with absolutely horrible light bleed on all edges.

That’s one of the reasons I’m afraid to move up to a 4k monitor yet even though I know it’s soon to become a necessity.

Purchased one of these monitors and recently received it. I am no monitor expert, and I bought if for three basic reasons: I was looking to upgrade to something larger than my HannsG 21.6"; I wanted a monitor with a much slimmer bezel; I am on a budget. This Samsung 27" monitor met my criteria and it is excellent. Here are my personal observations:


  • Monitor came in like-new condition with no marks from either handling or use.
  • Excellent picture, clarity and brightness. No light bleed around the edges at all and no dead pixels anywhere.
  • As with most late models monitors, the power supply is separate and the monitor stays very cool.
  • Easy to hook up and adjust.


  • No VESA mounting holes on the back (but since I don’t use a wall mount then it didn’t matter to me).
  • No power button. You have to use the joystick on the back lower corner to access the menu to turn the power completely off if you ever need to.
  • No height or angle adjustments on the stand, and no swivel. Without a height adjustment it sits a little higher than my last monitor, and now I have to tilt my head back to use the bottoms of my bifocals to see the top of the screen.

= It didn’t come with a user guide. The joystick controls are a little unusual but pretty intuitive so it only took a little bit of practice to get used to them.
= The connectors on the rear panel are all facing directly out and not down. If it had VESA mounts (and you used a wall mount) then this would be inconvenient; however, since you can only use the included stand it does not matter. They are easier to use facing outward if that matters.
= For some reason, my video card automatically scaled the desktop down on set-up, leaving a border. Once I found the setting, however, it was easy to change back to full-size.

I am very pleased with this Woot and would happily recommend this monitor for a casual, household user like myself on a budget.