Samsung MU-PA1T0B 1000GB Black

Samsung MU-PA1T0B 1000GB Black

Good harddrive for video recording. Much cheaper for new at bestbuy. $110



Edit: removed due to a very significant price drop, thanks tt

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Good timing TT…


guess i should have lurked a while more. would have picked up one more at $80 (I have 3).

Price drop was too good to be true as I received two packs of playing cards instead.

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I also want to add there are LPN RR stickers on these, which indicate they are customer returns rather than a truly new item advertised by Woot.

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Oof! :frowning: The LPN label signify that those were returned items at some point.

If you haven’t done so already, contact Support.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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You know more about this but I thought LPN usage was for warehouse tracking and not always a return.


Maybe? A majority of my purchases are from Warehouse, so these are common for me.



After my reading more, LPN is a common warehouse tracking methodology BUT you are right Amazon uses it for customer returns. They ostensibly claim so the items do not go back into new item inventory. But gee, somehow they do enough that many people have had scandalous issues.

That said, if you are Amazon, have 100,000 customer returns a day and the item looks like it was torn open then the answer is easy. But what if it looks like new, what to do? In its defense, if you buy a garment from e.g., Macy’s or Gap and it turns out to be tight after trying it at home, you return it. Do they sell it as used?

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Ooooof, that’s a bad bit of misfiling in the warehouse. Very sorry. CS will help you out.

Yep @ThunderThighs

Shouldn’t have worried about the busted up box, I guess

I’ll take Friggin playing cards for $80, Alex

I know there’s this theme that woot customers are complaining about nothing but this DEFINES it.

No more complaining about customers complaining, eh?..

There’s some serious $#17 to fix here

(Like this fraud, I mean, honest mistake)



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Ugh. Good news is that they sold out so it shouldn’t be repeated. Hopefully.

reach out to CS.

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I did hours ago

No response

Yep, give them 24h or so. They’ll get back to you. :slight_smile:


Somehow, in this scenario, it feels like customer service should be reaching out to ME rather than the other way around.

Lots of problems at woot have a root in what looks to be “proud laziness”.

You just sold me a pack of Chinese playing cards hidden in a legit sealed Samsung hard drive box from yours or Amazons warehouse for $80.

As a business owner, I know this is a scenario where the appropriate move for defrauding regular customers is you jump to clean it up immediately - not wait for the customer to call you out.

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They refunded my expired eye drops and med kit immediately, earlier.

Refunded my power bank that only holds 66% of it’s advertised capacity.

No waiting at all.

Why am I waiting in silence in this worse, more troubling & much more expensive scenario?

Yeah, I get it. It’s difficult when we sell Amazon inventory because we don’t have eyes on them. We’re going by what is in the system and expect that the customer will get that item.

In some cases, this doesn’t happen but we don’t know it until a customer tells us. And at that point, we don’t know if it’s all orders or some. Remember that Amazon ships from dozens of warehouses so a problem could be at only one warehouse or just a few.

If we suspect it’s a mass issue, we will reach out to customers with a resolution. In this case, we don’t have enough information to make that determination so we’re depending on customers to contact customer service if there’s an issue.

Customer service response times vary from day to day depending on the number of contacts and the number of representatives. We’re seeing some staff shortages like many others due to illness. We appreciate your patience. They’ll get to you as soon as they can.

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