Samsung MU-PA1T0B 1000GB Black

I’ll be patient.

I can’t imagine there being an argument to not refund considering it’s literally a deck of cards. Not worried.

I’ve bought from some shady sellers on Amazon whose products def didn’t live up to description or pics or had paid reviews.

But I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing as this before.

And the box closing stickers were on really good, looked totally legit… It really didn’t look like it had ever been opened… Those cards fit in there EXACTLY perfectly too. It’s crazy.

You may not be able to say but do you think:
a) customer returned cards instead of hdds and they made it back into the supply
b) internal at warehouse, sneaky worker
c) seller sold to Amazon as this (cards)
d) other

I could see a few hdds on a pallet getting swapped leaving the rest alone

Have you been able to determine if all the ones Woot sold were actually cards? Were any legit drives? Imagining if there were only a few they would all be fakes…

Pretty wild.

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There’s no way for me/us to know. We didn’t sell many and we’ve only heard from two customers so far. The item is sold out so there’s no inventory to check in the warehouse.

It’s a mystery for the ages.


I’m sure people will still be wondering about it in a hundred years…

More my point, what was it last time something like this happened? Have you ever gotten an answer or is it always a mystery?

Do you have three drives? Then you’re sitting pretty good in this scenario… I have 52 cards.

Hope you didn’t order 3 more …

If there’s inventory remaining, we can ask the warehouse to look at it to see if there’s an issue. When the inventory is gone, we’re kinda left hanging for all eternity And yes, I’ve seen something similar before. Not often thankfully.

Don’t think we need to discuss this any further, obviously some bad actors did returns fraud. Amazon thought they were new, placed them back in a forgotten bin that ultimately got sent to Woot to sell.

Woot issued a refund for my drives in about 36 hours, after it had to be escalated.

That’s what I was trying to figure out

Sorry it wasn’t obvious to me

It is an evolving forensic situation. It’s probably causing all manner of finger pointing in several locations.

  • Is it a customer return where an Amazon customer returned bogus material (unlikely since you assume Amazon or any RNA processor checks before forwarding to warehouse etc for resale).
  • Was it shenanigans by a devious warehouse employee?
  • Was it a vendor who did several of these dastardly things?

Someone employee is going to be made to take a fall…

Get popcorn and let them slug it out.

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Only the shadow knows…

This Amazon warehouse version would be so much better than the Alec Baldwin movie …

Alec Baldwin Whiskey GIF by Product Hunt

The old radio show still holds up! Seriously!


Original was way before my time but the line so famous that the legendary phrase lives on. A gumshoe version of Buck Rogers vs. Yellow Peril. Both original pulpy stories are overtly racist and do not age well.

Sad to say, neither does Alex. He may be drinking a LOT more and earlier these days. He has led a interesting life. Very often not in a good way. Choices do have consequences.

But I think in this situation, Woot is as much a victim as you. They are the intermediary between Amazon and you - possibly processing paper and not always physical goods. Hopefully they can figure out who was the criminal. It does not look like an innocent error or overworked warehouse workers.

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I have three purchased from bestbuy over the last year and a half. I would have liked another one or two for $80, but missed the price drop. Looks like I dodged the decks this time anyways.

Grabbed a 1tb Samsung t7 from Newegg instead (after the deck of cards fiasco)

Was only $10 more ($90) and nice 'n new (& twice at fast!)

The problem with the t7 is that it doesn’t work with a black magic pocket cinema camera. It does write faster when transferring files, but when recording video it needs a hi continuous write speed. I’ve read a few forum posts that say it may work in the future, but I’ve not seen anyone say it works now. Glad you found a good deal on the t7 though. Better than a bunch of playing cards

Just fab-u-lous

Would you mind sending me the link