Samsung MU800 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TVs

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Samsung MU800 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TVs
Price: $699.99 - 1099.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 25 to Tuesday, Dec 26) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I want a HDR10+

well, HDR10+ is not a standard yet and is somewhat subjective by different manufacturers ( marketing). Samsung SUHD TVs support HDR-10. and you be actually seeing it (with HDR extreme) if you want more HDR go to the Samsung QLED or LG’s OLED models and pay twice as much for slightly deeper blacks. Sony uses LG’s OLED panels.

Isn’t this tv the MU8000? If it is you should update the page so no one gets confused.

I was typing up the same question. I’ve been looking at this tv (the FXZA seems to be a Best Buy model?). $200 off retail (Amazon and Best Buy).

You are correct, I thought the same thing. And I know, because I picked up this very unit on Black Friday for about 200 more.

Fantastic TV, btw. Best I have ever owned.

Getting a refurb doesn’t seem to save as much as it used to; guess it was inevitable, going from a fringe market to big business.

Samsung has two model numbers for basically the same TVs in a lot of their offerings. The 4 digit model numbers are used in general retail. The 3 digit model numbers are normally only in wholesale clubs or special discount retailers. Yep, it’s confusing.

And, for those on the HDR question, HDR at this point is mostly software. As long as the hardware can do 10 bits per pixel (and almost all UHD TVs can…) then it’s more of a software update to get them to whatever standard is ratified.

You can get this same tv on eBay from echo- and -optics for $1199 brand new. 100% seller with free shipping out of new York. Only saving $95 shipped for a refurbished one just doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me.

E-bay and shipped out of New York? That’s the one I’d buy, yeah right! In my opinion if you even consider buying an E-bay TV from other than a known company you need to visit a shrink.

I’ve purchased two refurb TV’s from Woot in the past, and regretted it both times. One was defective on arrival, the other lasted less than 2 months.

Buyer beware.

I’ve purchased two refurbs from Woot and never an issue FWIW and if one of these was a 50" I’d be on it.

is 55 inch model 220 volt compatible?

Per the Samsung site:

AC110-120V 60Hz