Samsung MU800 55" 4K 240 MR FW LED TV

This is actually the MU8000, not the 800, which is not a thing.

In fact, the MU8000 is an incredible TV. I purchased it over 3 months ago, and could not possibly be any happier. The colors are incredible, the picture is fantastic, and the darks are the darkest I’ve ever seen on a panel TV.

Woot! listed this TV incorrectly before, too.

Hi there. Our model number is correct but you are as well. It’s a model created for a large box retailer. They often ask for different model numbers from manufacturers.

Costco has the same TV, brand new, with $100 in google play credits for $680

That aside, I have the 49" version and I really do like it. I paid $630 for it earlier this year, and I would buy it over again.