Samsung Multifunction Laserjet Printers

Are either of these printers able to scan legal size documents and/or print on legal size paper?

I don’t have these specific models, but I have the C460W which looks very similar without the tray up top, but it works very well with Window 10. In fact, I’ve had absolutely no problems since updating. I did used to have some problems with the computer and printer talking, but I haven’t had any of those in a year or so. The only downside is that the toner (when you need to get it, which isn’t very often even if you print a lot) is fairly expensive. But I will never switch back to my HP inkjet.

I’ve added captions to help.

Yes, the color printer is the larger one and is the first in the series of photos.

The B&W printer is smaller and at the end of the photo gallery.

Per the Samsung site, paper size is

3" x 5" to 8.5" x 14"

Samsung SL-C1860FW
Samsung M2885FW

Both print on legal. Can’t find anything about scan size but the scan beds on both look like they would handle legal size.

Works fine with my tablet wirelessly the only thing I have with windows 8 err… I mean windows 10 on. Both 8&10 are the same under the hood anyhow