Samsung neXus 25 XM Satellite Radio and 512MB MP3 Player

are you Sirius?

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Anyone ever use this?

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Samsung neXus 25 XM Satellite Radio and 512MB MP3 Player
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 Samsung YP-X5X neXus 25 XM Satellite Radio and 512MB MP3 Player
1 XM Radio Activation ($10 value)
1 XM Radio - 1 Month Free Service ($13 value)

I have XM on our car would i be able to use that, or would i need to pay extra? If so how would you do that i dont even know how to use XM on the computer

I’ll stick with Sirius and my S50, spank you very much, with 50 hours of content.
Actually, I’m about ready to upgrade to the Stilleto, which will do 100 hours, and is truly portable, AND supports wifi…

Some pricing on the neXus 25…

Froogle … $99.95

SecretPrices … $69.99

Shopzilla … $100

Bestbuy is $129.99!

$70 on amazon

I have had both services and Sirius is far superior. First Wave 22 beats out Fred any day. Sirius has NO COMMERICIALS on music. The whole purpose for SAT Radio. Good product, wrong provider.


This Christmas, give the one you love the gift of a contractual long-term monetary obligation via a redundant media service.

For a second I saw on the screen “Coldplay Sucks” My bad…

I dont want it, and honestly, I have sirius…

yo is XM the one with NFL

In for 2…you people act like XM is the only thing you can put on it. This is a 512 mb mp3 player also!!!

I own this (well the 1GB version) I’m very happy with it. Both in my home and in my car it does what it’s supposed to do. For this proce it’s a no brainer. Yes XM does have versions with bigger displays and more functionality. But none that are this affordable and portable. I do not wish to debate XM vs. Sirius though I’m sure this forum will dissolve into that.

First things first: this is NOT a portable XM radio. It can only receive live XM broadcasts when docked with the included cradle and satellite antenna

512 MB?? that’s not very much, but i guess for $25, that’s not bad.

has anyone used this? how reliable is samsung for mp3 players? how is their quality?

Too bad it’s XM. I’d be all over that like a Rosie O’Donnel on cupcakes if it was Sirius

If you already have XM it only cost $6/month to add another radio!