Samsung Note 3 Unlocked 32GB (S&D)

Helped my girlfriend get one of these the last time they were offered (Verizon version). They weren’t kidding about the scratch and dent part. The case looked like someone had scraped it on the pavement, and the bezel was cracked in more than one place.
Still the screen and camera lens were in perfect condition so we kept it. Also, it’s in a case all the time, so we don’t see the scratches.

The other thing was that it had really crappy reception. I flashed old radio firmware onto it which helped a lot. I read that this was a problem that started with Android 5.0 Lollipop and I guess if you update them to Lollipop, then they can’t be rooted and have another version of Android installed. Luckily I was able to flash an older radio using Odin. These say they are on 4.4, and I’d leave them there unless you do your research.

Other than that it’s been a nice phone. She went from using a slider phone to this one and it was a bit of a challenge for a non-techsavvy person, but she took to it right away. The pen tool is nice and she uses it all the time. It has a nice screen and a good camera. It’s nice to be able to view photos on a larger Note sized screen, and reading text is easier for our over 50 eyes. She’s taken to using it to listen to music and listen to news, lectures and political analysis and the speaker works fine for those purposes.

I’ve got a Galaxy S6 and I notice that my phone is a touch faster and more responsive, but the Note 3 still works smoothly.

So, thumbs up if you can handle the scratch and dent condition and the reception of Android 4.4 is good.

I got one for use with T-Mobile, but I received an ATT model and it won’t work with T-Mobiles LTE bands. Looks like I have to return it.

And yes the scratch and dent comment was no lie.