Samsung Note 4 32GB VZN/GSM(S&D)

I know it is not listed but would this work on the VirginMobile CDMA network of Sprint?

I bought a note 4, t mobile verson, off of here like 2 years ago. It still works great!

I highly recommend, but if you use Cricket, skip this Verizon model as you wont get LTE service, just 3g.

These are made for Verizon, but are Compatible with most U.S. GSM and CDMA networks. (SIM Card NOT Included)

There’s specific network band information on the specs tab.

The scratch and dent part scares me, says scratches on the screen. What shape was yours in?

Why do you say that? The specs tab here lists 4G / LTE …


Here’s the frequencies check of this model on Verizon. It gets 2 out of the 3 LTE frequencies … which is a step up from the 1 out of 3 my Note 2 is getting. Sorry, baby, you’re getting replaced with a younger model!

Does anyone know if this will work with T-Mobile?

Received my (Assurian) refurbished Note 4, it was in good shape. Charged it up and found it to be in a loop cycle continually turning on/off unless it was plugged into the charger.

Took several corrective actions to no avail. Obviously no back stock on this refurbished item so appears that I am headed for a return.

Sucks because I ordered case/screen protector - some times Woot gives you a winner but other times it’s that infamous Bag of Poo?