Samsung Note 4 Unlocked 32GB (S&D)

Will it work on boost network,

Do these come with new batteries?

The battery will be tested to make sure it has sufficient life. Some will be replaced, others will still have their originals.

I checked the “Will this phone work with my carrier” link for this phone and it looks like the answer is no.

Why can’t you just tell us if it works with verizon or at&t or boost or sprint?
I don’t understand that?
Yep, I’m lazier than

There’s a link so that you can check the carriers. Because of the way our sales are set up, it would be time consuming (and prone to error) if we tried to list all of the carriers for each specific phone listing we ran.

I know it’s frustrating, but so far it’s the most reliable method we have for getting customers the correct info about the devices for sale.

The ad says scratch and dent. How likely is it that the screen will be scratched?

Will this work with t-mobile’s wifi calling?


I bought one last round, it came with T-Mobile’s ROM (operating system) so yes, there should be no problem with T-Mobile’s wifi calling. Unfortunately the T-Mobile customizations mean it won’t work on AT&T’s WiFi calling though. Once on T-Mobile’s network the phone will upgrade to a newer ROM anyway.

Mine came with one tiny 2 mm scratch on the screen. I need a magnifier to find it.

Is the 1 year squartrade warranty worth it for refurbed phones? Anyone have experience? Thanks


can some one answers this???

I need an at&t phone. I see these are designated as the 910t, indicating they were previously on tmobile network. Will these work on the at&t network?

My screen was lightly scratched - I can see it when there’s a glare on the screen, but otherwise it doesn’t present a problem.

the battery doesn’t work it loses the charge in a matter of minutes. I already ordered a replacement it only costed me $10 but now I’ve got to wait a week to use it.

I’m really sorry to hear about that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

My phone came covered in scratches. The sides were also very scuffed, and the charging port is was dent. Terrible.