Samsung Note 4 Unlocked 32GB (S&D)

A major issue I have is that I cannot get my AT&T WIFI Calling to work on the refurbed (T-Mobile) Note4 I purchased on this Woot deal last time. It shows a SIM card error with a message to take to T-Mobile (NOT my provider!) Otherwise, the phone was in excellent shape and works fine.

Really hope I get a Tmobile version. Unfortunately there is no section to leave a note/special request. Will update satisfaction once received.

why wouldn’t it be the t-mobile version? the model number N910T is the t-mobile version which you can find on the specs tab

I got one of these and noticed an array of issues that go beyond just scratch and dent.
First off, there’s horrid burn in on the screen that can be seen on almost anything, the screen has registered ‘phantom touches’ a few times, and the battery, and even when charged to say, 100%, once it drains about 30% of that, it shuts off and tries to boot back up to no avail.
I have to recharge it to 100% or boot it while it’s charging to boot it back up again, though it still reads that it’s at 70% or so.

And they say they can’t issue a replacement because they’re ‘out of stock’, only a refund, though it’s still on sale.

Very disappointed.

I’m really sorry to hear that your phone has issues. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

That’s just an oem battery telling you it’s dying. Fortunately, note batteries can be changed. Just buy another - although I also agree you shouldn’t have to. Search Amazon fornote 4 replacement battery - I can highly recommend Anker.

I’m not worried about that, I’m more let down by the poor condition of the screen, there’s a very obvious keyboard stuck on the screen as well as headers, icons, and lines where text would be. All of these things are easily viewable from almost any screen, background, or application. The burn also has discoloration in certain areas of the display, making things look very off.
I’d much rather have scratches and dents over a messed up display since you can throw a case on it and never notice the scratches and dents, you can’t not notice the horrible discoloration. That’s not to mention the ‘phantom touches’

I did, and they said that a replacement can’t be issued, though they’re still for sale. I would like to try my luck with a replacement, but they can only issue a refund for some reason, which would make the process of returning and reordering that much more tedious.

Yes, unfortunately our replacement process in this situation is sort of confusing.

Since this item is shipped by a third party vendor if we were to replace the item for you we would first need to get your item to our warehouse, then ship it to their warehouse, then wait for them to inspect it and send you a replacement. This could take days, even under the best circumstances. By that time, the sale may have already ended, or the merchandise might have sold out, leaving the vendor with nothing to send you.

Instead of doing this, we prefer to do a simple return and refund. You get your money, we get the defective item, and then you have the option to order a replacement while the sale is still live. It’s an easier process for us internally (with shipping coordination, vendor communications, and payment processing) but unfortunately I still think it’s a pretty poor customer experience. We are working on an internal review of this process and I’m hopeful that one day customers won’t have to deal with this messy system. But as it stands, I’ve been told this is the best we can do right now.

That’s probably way more info than you wanted, but I just want you to know that you’re not the only one who wants the replacement process to improve dramatically. I’m with you, and I’m really sorry you’ve had to deal with this.

I purchased 2 of the Note 4’s and one had screen burn and the other just shut off whenever it felt like it. Good thing woot is quick and honorable with return process. Cant wait until they ditch this phone vendor. When you do let me know and ill order again.

I just got my Note 4 and it basically looks almost new with very few very small scratches on the screen which is unnoticeable. It has no screen problems from what I see.

yea, they seem rather hit or miss, I returned the burnt in one and ordered a replacement, I’ll update with the results of the new one.

I did two orders of Note 4 between November and January. Order #1 contained 2 phones. One had some scratches and expected condition, so I happily kept it and been using it for months without issue. Phone 2 had screen burn (someone spent hours on Facebook or used no screen time out). This was not as described as Woot S&D policy, so I worked with them for a refund.

Still desiring a second Note 4, I did the second order on the current sale. Received the phone, powered it on, and bad screen burn-in. Too bad too since the screen doesn’t have a scratch. Going to be contacting Woot Customer Service soon. By my experience, this cell phone refurbisher has 33% success rate of delivering on expectations. So, new buyers you are warn what to lookout for and be thankful for Woot’s great customer service :).

I have received my second (replacement for the first) note 4 today, the burn in is almost exactly the same as the previous just not as severe, there’s chew marks on the s-pen, and the phone it slightly bent, noticed as when I laid it face down on a table, the middle of the screen and home button were the only parts of the phone touching the table, not the top and home button as a straight phone would have.
The phone is also filthy with brown gunk, lint, hair, etc, in the seems between the frame and screen as well as all in the ridges of the s-pen.

Again, worse than just ‘scratch and dent’ quality and definitely not ‘refurbished’ quality either.
Very disappointed.