Samsung Note 5 Unlocked 32GB (S&D)

Hopefully the two I popped for will not have the same stolen source.

I wouldn’t give up so easily on Woot.

If you have evidence from TMO the phones were stolen property - selling stolen property is a serious offense.

Seems Amazon would not want to be associated with selling stolen property. And if they sold the stolen goods, they can’t blame their source. That issue is between them and their source.

More serious in general: there are databases and the carriers themselves where phones can be checked against stolen property. If Woot’s source did not do, it says a lot about the level of “refurbishement”.

Just received mine…and it won’t activate on TMobile. Nice job, Woot.

I’m sorry to hear that your phone doesn’t work with T-Mobile. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. They should be able to help you.

Yep, same here. Can make calls out but no data. Getting error message:

unable to establish a wireless data connection LTE: ESM -33 EMM -x


Just emailed support; waiting to hear back.

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Same here… Apparently not compatible with T-Mobile… Updating APN doesnt help. Apparently it’s in the Sprint load and trying to register their spyware. WiFi connection works, but can’t reach sprint system for some reason…