Samsung Note 5 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)

By far the best phone I’ve ever used.

can it be used on the cricket network? thanks

How scratchy and denty are these things? Loved to get one, but would hate having a scratch on the screen.

A quick check on their website seems to indicate yes.

The “Will this work with my carrier” site doesn’t list Notes. Will this work on Virgin, which uses Sprint towers?

Edit: Silly me, it DOES work, I just wasn’t looking for “Galaxy Note 5”

The answer is apparently yes. Oh dear.

If you want juicier stats, check out GSMArena.

Loved my Note 5 but needed SD card and really wanted water resistance, so I upgraded to the Note 7…when that went up in smoke (figuratively), I went to the S7 Edge because of the SD card and water resistance. If they offered those features in the same form factor and color as the Sapphire Black Note 5, I would upgrade to it in a heartbeat.

Just so you know: the “Blue” (Samsung calls it Sapphire Black) is by far the most gorgeous color ever put on a cell phone. Period. It’s a shame Samsung didn’t realize this and made the S7, S7 Edge, and Note 7 all a crumby dark dark grey and called it Onyx Black. After falling in love with Sapphire Black, Onyx Black is, comparatively, a hideous color.

Shame on you Woot. You advertise this sale as a Samsung Note 5 N920P (compatible with Sprint), however you ship me a N920T (T-Mobile phone, not compatible with Sprint)
I was even the “first sucker” to buy this item, turns out I really was a sucker.
Send me the N920P that I paid for please!!!

I’m very sorry for the issue. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.