Samsung Note 8 (GSM Only)(S&D)

Samsung Note 8 (GSM Only)(S&D)

Are these used phones? I’m trying to determine if they are refurbished or not. I understand they could have blemishes (thus the scratch and dent disclaimer), but what else can be said for the operating condition? This is a lot of money for me, but my current phone is on its last legs and will die any mome

Ut oh, it died at moment.

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Good morning. I mean, yeah, they’ve been used previously. But they’ve been tested to ensure they’re in full working condition.


Right, I read that. I was trying to put more emphasis on the refurbished or factory reconditioned part; but I guess it would say that if they were, eh? :woman_shrugging:

Ah. These are 3rd party refurbished.

If the work is by the manufacturer, we list it as “Factory Reconditioned.”

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I see. Sorry for being unclear. That’s what I get for posting in the middle of the night on an unreliable pho

Haha, no worries.

Does S&D apply to the screen, as well?

The screen might have minor scratches but nothing that would affect your use.