Samsung Notebooks

Is that a 128GB SSD on the NP700G7C?

If I hadn’t just bought a loaded Lenovo Y500, I’d totally jump on this.

What a monster, I still haven’t made up my mind if I want a laptop (again) or do I want the Asus Transformer AiO or do I want to just wait for the new gen CPUs.

typo error at the most expensive of the lot. No 1.5TGB drive. Should be 1.5TB perhaps?

[MOD: We couldn’t make up our mind. Reported. ]

If the price of a refurbished Chromebook drops down to something like $149 I would definitely buy one… >.<

I picked up one of Samsung’s ARM powered Chromebooks a few days ago, and I’ve been very impressed. The simple way in which it “just works” is incredibly appealing. If you live entirely on the web or want a second device for surfing in your underwear, $199 is hard to beat. Where it really beats out an Android tablet is with productivity. The keyboard is surprisingly good, and multitasking is handled much more easily.

Got my answer in reviews online. It’s a small caching SSD.

Agreed, $200 is still just a bit too steep for me.

Sweet merciful crap, that gaming laptop is serious business!

The 675m is the right up near at the top of the fastest mobile GPU list.

I’d be all over that if I had the dough. My old gaming laptop is starting to blow smoke out the back of it (not really, it’s just old).

taking the plunge! my HP DV7 isn’t fast enough and is only a year old and is falling apart. never buying hp again.

The “Enhanced viewing with the integrated Radeon HD 6310 graphics” is a typo on the 17.3" i7 quad-core Samsung NP350E7C-A01US.

I suspect those Chromebooks will be sold out in short order.

The Gamer is so-so, I had bought one for work, but I end up not liking it so I gave it to my 5 year old. There’s a lot of bloatware on it that doesn’t do it much favors. When comparing against my dual 7970 it’s not a fair comparison, but for the money, I’m now going for a refurbed M17X R4 @ $1500 range, and that is loaded with a single 7970. The Windows 8 is also horrible! Maybe that was the real reason why I gave it to my son.

The series 9 (NP900X3C) is a phenomenal laptop! I personally own the highest end version and there is not really anything to complain about once you get used to the keyboard! Battery life is great, screen is amazing and track pad works well except when plugged in. All the cons are made up in how quick thin and light the ultrabook is!

The only reason I’m hesitant about this laptop is that it comes with Windows 8. If yours has Windows 8, how does it function with it? I’ve heard about compatibility issues with using third party software, which is what I’m most concerned about.

I use many, many third party apps and have never walked into a single incompatibility with win8. If there is specific third party apps youre thinking of you could google and see.

The one with the i7 CPU only has a 1600 x 900 display. Bleck!

I bet it ran so hot you couldnt even use it on your lap.

I think the 100gb Drive space for 2 years and the 12 free sessions of GoGo in flight wifi still make buying the chromebook new off Google play a better deal.