Samsung Notebooks

I bought my wife the 14" Samsung Ultrabook (paid $200 more at beastbuy last summer/fall whenever they came out)

The weight is excellent for the size, It’s not heavy, but it’s also not featherweight, but I think this is more because its a 14" size and not the little 11-12" ultrabooks.

Fit and finish is top notch. The aluminum top (back of screen) is beautifully done.

Ports are all where they should be. I wished these types of laptops had 4 USB ports instead of 3, but most manufacturers use one of the USB ports for a built in memory card reader. She uses a USB hub for all unpluggable stuff anyway (printer and other accessories that don’t travel with her).

How fast is it? Blazingly fast, especially with an aftermarket SSD I installed in it and Windows 8. It boots in mere seconds (literally, like 8 seconds from power button push to actual windows usability).

The screen is bright and crisp with it’s LED back lighting. It’s also razor thing. I like the way the hinges are built, it doesn’t look like it will crack or fall apart like a handful of other brands do within a year or use. We got her the model with the matte screen since glossy screens are just dumb.

The 14" model has a built in dvd drive too on the right hand side, but you wouldn’t know it unless you poked at the side of it and “Oh Hey! There’s a drive nicely hidden in the side here!”

I would love one for myself, but just don’t have the $$ right now. I would buy the smaller sized one for myself without trying it out first based purely on the quality of the larger one we already have.

We couldn’t be happier with ours and I would recommend it to anyone.

I also think that, while i would like the 13" model, the 14" model still felt “small and ultra-portable enough” that you could easily buy one for the much lower price and be happy with it “being small enough”

GAH I can’t believe I missed the Series 7 Gamer. I am shopping for a new laptop right now and that is one of my top 3 choices. At that price I would have had an easy choice!

okay, which graphics card is in the Samsung NP350E7C-A01US Laptop? there are 2 listed in separate places and I advised a purchase based on one and I’m going to advise that order be canceled based on the other. clarification please. ASAP

Anyone know where I can get that sweet background on the high-end gaming laptop?

'Cause a TeraGigaByte is a lot.

Don’t worry, the Intel HD 4000 is correct, not the integrated Radeon HD 6310 (which is in an integrated graphics chip only on AMD chips). The Intel HD 4000 should be better than the Radeon HD 6310.

It’s the Intel HD 4000. Sale has been fixed.

@Woot Can you tell me who the refurbish company is? Is it factory-refurbished (by Samsung) or by a third party? I’m looking at the Samsung NP900X3C-A05US .

The Chromebook’s screen is, regrettably, incredibly bad. Low in brightness and lacking saturation, its only saving grace is the HD resolution.

If only the 15" Series 9 was available…I don’t have anything against the 13" model but I already have a 13" Air. I’m hunting for the 15" Series 9 which is by far the best ultrabook out there.

I’d call it pretty average for a budget laptop display. The brightness is a tad weak (200 nits), but it makes up for that by being matte (not glossy, which might as well be a mirror in a classroom). Still very usable for what the Chromebook is designed to do.

I thought the Chromebooks would be gone right away, but apparently I’m not the only one who noticed that the mothership is selling them for around $180 as a warehouse deal… Prime eligible too!

Should the guy with the $200 computer be able to find a better price that easily? Come on!

All of these sort of hit around what I am actually looking for. Is there such a thing as a small laptop with a decent display?

Right. So I’m ready to buy, but trying to figure out why it’s worth $20 more from woot? Any opinions? I don’t think the airplane wifi and even the 100gb Drive promos are worth much to me; think there’s any real difference in condition?

The ones at that price are Used rather than Refurbished, so no warranty what so ever. These come with a Samsung 90-day warranty, which even got me to buy one (despite what I said earlier about the screen).

I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from them; it says, non-specifically, “Very Good Condition”, and more generally, “Open Box, Like New, Refurbished, Used”. Does anyone have experience as to how that actually plays out? Whereas I’ve had factory refurbs with sizeable scratches, non-functioning, etc. They do have a 30 day return policy, which doesn’t seem likely to be much different than a 90 day warranty. All still leaving me wondering what I might be getting for my extra $20. I guess the main thing for me is that $180 just seems a little closer to my magic number for a machine I’m a bit worried about buying. I love the concept, but not quite sure that I’ve yet finished my glass of cool-aid.

Found that background by searching google.

Not really, unfortunately. Not without spending a lot of money, anyway. Anything below $1000 will likely have a 1366x768 TN panel. I don’t typically recommend Apple products, but the 13.3" Macbook Air with its 1440x900 panel is not too terribly overpriced compared to its Windows counterparts. Especially when you consider you’re getting an SSD and a Core i5. Most small Windows laptops I could find with better displays run very similar price points (Lenovo has some models with 13.3" 1600x900 displays going for $1000-1300 or so).

Standard question. Now that the Gamer laptop is gone, how would the others do for gaming? Don’t need to play anything on high graphics, more looking if WoW can function when I’m away from my desktop.

Get the SquareTrade warranty or baby the heck out of it. I’ve had mine for less than a year and mine lives in a sleeve and inside of a bag, and I’ve still had the following break:

  • Charger prongs came out of charger
  • Charger wire came out of charger
  • DC jack broken
  • Plastic “ring” around keyboard broken in two places
  • Right hinge bent in enough to snap against screen
  • Touchpad bottom left side has no resistance/click

It’s by far the least durable laptop I’ve owned, and I have worked in the IT field for fifteen years and owned easily several dozens of laptops. It’s a great model and does great at everything you want, until you bump the thing the wrong way.