Samsung POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum

How come this is more expensive than the turbo model?


I dunno. It’s possible that they just had more of the turbo model.

How does this vacuum compare to other “brand name” robot vacuums? In particular I’m interested in how it deals with golden retriever hair (aka vacuum destroyer substance).

Seems like these are onpar with the Roomba and Neato bots. One big advantage to the Samsung is that it actually has a vacuum action to it, as opposed to just the glorified sweeping action of most others. I think the biggest disadvantage is the size, and it’s lack of a side cleaning sweeper. Most reviews said that along walls there is a bit of dust that gets left behind.

I just bought the 9040 model, had the other Turbo model (9350) still been available I would have bought that. For the price, this is still a really good deal on the Turbo model, which has more suction power than the lower models.

Just got mine in the mail. After having both the other 2 competitors vacuums, I’d have to say it’s much more quiet, maps, and cleans great. I’m impressed. I wouldn’t buy it at the full price but the refurbed price was justifiable.