Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robotic Vac

On a scale of Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith, how is the suction power?

I saw what you did there.

… or would you say this reaches MEGA-MAID level of greatness? Does it blow or suck?

My initial reaction to seeing this was, I kid you not, “Are you shitting me?”

As if Star Wars gummy vitamins and coffeemate weren’t ridiculous enough tie-ins…

Is there enough force to pick up the crumbs from my Darth Vader toaster?

Wow. That’s barely enough to cover the licensing fees.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the Stormtrooper version. It’ll never hit that dirty spot!

I saw a moving, blinking AT-AT in that video. Where can I get one of those?

Are these as unreliable as the roomba’s? I remember my parents having two different ones, they broke down in little time and were made so you can’t easily service them. Rip Off! I guess if Dumb people buy them anyway there is no reason to improve them.

I’ve owned 2 different brands and I currently own one of the low ends of the Samsung line - the R7010. The other was the Neato Botvac.

Neato was great… but it could never find home to recharge. We loved the square front end and it did well enough that we couldn’t live without it. It’s also harder to take the brush out and clean it. The chamber is fairly easy to dump out.

The Samsung does find it’s way back to home to recharge most of the time. So doing the whole house is more likely. It doesn’t do as well with rug corners and will get stuck in a room because of them. It’s easier to clean brush wise but the chamber is a little more prone to clog up and harder to empty. If you have a pet, it will fill up a lot.

I am thinking of upgrading to this one…

Don’t forget the toasters. Someone got my son one for xmas. It burns some “figure” into the toast. Think it’s the death start.

But on a serious side, if you can get past it looking like a squashed face of some far far away villain, I have a V9000 series samsung vac. It does a great job in carpet and hardwood floors. It stays WAY too far away from the walls, and gets around furniture. By the time I pull out the house vacuum, there is a 1 to 2 inch area around everything that is dusty. IT’s not as noisy as my Neato but the two things that I fill are major CONS are:

  1. You can’t schedule it to clean. You must use the remote, or god forbid, read down and press the PLAY (clean) button

  2. The older models do not recognize magnetic fields (the strips from my neato have no effect on it) or invisible walls (like the ones iRobot uses).

So, maybe nr 2 has been corrected and I think on the higher end models, it has, but if anything, not being able to schedule cleanings kinda suck. I use my 9000 on my 2nd floor carpet and the 4 bedrooms when needed. Neato bot 80 on the 1st floor (about 1900sqft of hardwood and some rugs and a XV21 in the basement, all carpet. At least samsungs do not beat the living crap out of your furniture like the iRobot scooba or the bot 80. Just sayin…

The Darth version is a modified R7040. The Storm Trooper is an R7010.,VR1AM7040W9%2FAA,VR1AM7010U5%2FAA

The Darth version seems to be a good price. The Storm Trooper version is more expensive than the non-tricked-out model.

The vader one does not play the imperial death march while vacuuming. That is why i am not buying it. Big fail on the R&D department at samsung

That’s not much of a range as both answers would imply mighty powerful suckage.

My thoughts exactly. It should at least be a button in the app…

The Empire didn’t nothing wrong

Of the tie-ins I’d say this sucks the least. Which doesn’t bode well for it.

I’d watch a video of a cat riding one.

Darth Vader as a rug sucker is a side they’ve never explored…

I’m glad that I’m not alone on this one. Who really would want one of these?