Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC with USB Keyboard



The size is good, but Celeron M?!?!? I’ll pass on this one, woot!


Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC with USB Keyboard

$599.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished


What about running Linux on this bad boy?


NICE! with the Gov Spitzer ref. HAHA


Hey, there’s two USB keyboards in the box!!! Two for tuesday on sellout woot!




refurb… battery life? 600 bucks… i dunno, i’m on the wall with this one


What??? No mouse?


…you put this up AFTER I get the N810? Seriously?


But seriously people, this baby does it all. But the battery life… we can discuss that later.


looks to be about $400 cheaper than retail, but it’s a refurb… That and I just bought a new laptop (kinda strapped for cash atm).


UMPC’s have never been my style.

I have a 15in lappy, it works, anything less than a full PC can be done on my iPod (Touch), so i don’t see the need.

However, these things are pretty handy, but expensive, this is a good deal if you need a cheap UMPC, but the 900mhz processor steers me away… for $600 you can get a marginally acceptable laptop… but not tablet function…

it’s your call…

as required by law i need to say the following:

will this work with my mac?


is this the original origami?


No doubt it’s possible, but you’ll need a USB CD Drive, or other means of installing, also: expect to lose tablet functionality, unless you’re totally hardcore :wink:


Cnet review and specks. The screen size is not 1600×900 pixels, as far as I can tell but only 800 x 480.


average 4/5 stars

“I needed a product that would provide full scale computing AND on-screen drawing capabilities. I thought of a TabletPC then crossed the Ultra-mobile PC on this site. COMPACT & POWERFUL with the great, high quality Samsung display. The 7” display allows me to draw storyboard panels and with my apps installed on the 4GB SD Card I can develop my manuscripts in the park.
The battery truly does last 3-4 hours."


Good price
Very timely and funny description. Goodbye, Elliot (Id: 10-T error)


The Q1 is cool, and I’d jump on it now if I had the bucks, but the greatest thing about todays Woot is the Body-Slam on the (dis)honorable Guv from New Yawk! ROFL!!!


What? It was $479 last time on woot off. The price is going up? hmmmmm, hey woot, if you can sell for $299 each, charge to my credit card $902 and send me 3 sets. If not, I will wait then.


I found a review about someone who installed Ubuntu on his Samsung Q1