Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC with USB Keyboard

ok guys and especially gals u should get on the AIM wootoff chatroom… im bored

would probably run the game i play pretty well


Laughing so hard at WOOT’s writeup, people at work are wondering if I’m OK.


yes, you can use the keyboard that comes with the Roomba to run this device

Y a know what? these will be obsolete soon with intels atom chip coming out. Then a year or two from then, those atom chips will get replaced by other mobile chips.


Mine 2

buy it now… surely the bank won’t clear it til tomorrow.

What’s that saying “What do you mean I have no money, I still have checks left?!?”

I think Woot needs to add a “I DON’T WANT ONE” button so when enough people click, we all go on to the next item.

hot or not?

looks slow…

Was this the one that was $599 a few weeks ago?

sold out.

I wish I could afford to plunk down $500+ on a neat toy like that, but honestly I have no real use for it other than going ‘oooh shiny.’

I think it’s more like “they didn’t sell! What do we do??? throw in a free keyboard and maybe we’ll lose these turkeys!”