Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC with USB Keyboard

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My Q1 arrived on Friday. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Between clicking order during the woot-off and it arriving, I was having some serious buyers remorse. After it arrived, however, I have been really enjoying it. I upgraded the ram to 2gb and it zips right along, even with the 900mhz cpu in it. I installed a PDF annotation program and was able to review documents and make comments all the way to work as I rode the bus this morning.

how hard was it to upgrade?

Pretty easy. I just googled for instructions, but I really didn’t need them. Just unscrew, carefully separate the pieces, remove and replace memory, then re-assemble. The only problem I had was the power switch didn’t get lined up with the switch on the board, so I had to futz with that for a while.