Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC



If I still need to check my spam folder for mis-marked emails, why do I even have a seperate folder?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $940.43

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $999.00

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $1,012.95 Link Currently not available

Manufacturer Page


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Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC
$749.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC NP-Q1-V000


DOOM Rocks!!! Pricing…

PriceGrabber … $999.99

Froogle … $999.99

Need more power? (Chain saw noise here…)
SecretPrices … $1249 (V002 / Ultra Mobile Pentium) model


A keep one in my spare bathroom - it’s great!


Isn’t microsoft suppose to come out with something like this?


do i wish i was playing doom on one of these while at work? yes.
can i afford it even at woot price? no.


Didn’t realize that you could still give people money for processors under a gig.

Gotta hand it to you woot! i learn new things every week!!!


$800 for a pocket pc… no thanks… I’ll stick with my treo…

(I know it’s actually a UMPC!)


lol omg I serioulsy just finished playing through Doom again like 5 minutes ago!!. Anyways nice woot if i ahd some cash to spend but I’m gonna buy a Wii.


i was actually lookin at these when they first came out. it is a pretty sweet little unit, but it’s a refurb… not a bad price though!!!


I have a friend with one of these. they are awsome makes me wish i had a better job so i would halve enough money. also the original doom games rule


hahaha i just finished playing doom on my craptop


not so hot

if its around $500 I’ll def. get one.


yeah, what was that called?

i remember they teased it for a while with crappy flash animation but i cant for the life of me remember the name


Manufacturer’s product page:


If you would offer this at, oh say, $199.00, Woot, then I would buy one or even two, but my wife would kill me with a blunt instrument if I bought one of these here… at that price… good as it is…\


I could mount that in my steering wheel!!!


No Thank you.

I really hoped they reached the initial price point of $500 new. That would have made this $300 refurbished. Then I would have bought.

Good night.


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