Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC



Good price I guess… at least as compared to the 1000 it used to be…

Refurb… no thanks.


pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC NP-Q1B-V000-FR
condition: Refurbished

$579.99 + $5 shipping


Using this from woot! at this moment. Alnog with a jabra 350 for voice. Best purchase ever.

Notice some type will be off, But still working great.


Sorry, for $600 I can get a laptop. I really don’t need a touch screen.


that resolution looks TINY. how do you read anything on this thing?


Here is a review…terrible score from Cnet…but decent score from owners.


WHO WANT Samsung ?


i heard its pretty slow but good price for a refurb


no Doom screenshot?


I wouldn’t say they are the top of the line brand, but it’s not a no name here. I’ve had some quality products from their line.


actually for 100 more u can buy a relatively good laptop


whats the realistic battery life? with wifi enabled etc…


I’ve had a hard time with their tech support. Bad enough that there will be no more Samsung for me … well, maybe at one cent.


4 hours on average here. while using bluetooth.


Just got a vostro 1500 and already have a Nokia N770…but for $0.01 + $5 Shipping i would be in for 3.:slight_smile:


[quote}40GB 4200rpm hard drive[/quote}
So it’s kind of like an iPod but you can do computer stuff on it. Man, if I had more money…


Black friday, everyone will be selling full size laptops with 2-3 times the power of this little jimmy-jank.

however, if i did get this, the novelty on it would wear off by bed time.

speaking of which…g’night, i have to be up in 5 hours for work.


While I don’t plan on buying this, I’ve had great luck with Samsungs over the past 5 years. Now I’ve only stuck to tv’s and dvd players, but great quality at a lower price than some competitors, most notably SONY.


I’m guessing the answer is no, but does this come with Microsoft Office pre-installed? If it doesn’t it seems like it would be quite a hassle to install it seeing as how this does not have a CD drive