Samsung Q7D QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

Samsung Q7D QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

Has anyone bought or had experience with this TV? Any comments are welcome. I have a Samsung TV that I bought over 10 years ago and it’s a great TV, wondering if these are too.

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We have it in a 55" that we bought last November. It is absolutely one of the best TVs we’ve ever owned, the backlighting is incredible.

Don’t have this one, but a 43 qled uhd 4k series 6. Best tv I’ve ever had.
Looking at this 55

Hoping it has the simple black remote with like 2 toggles and the directional wheel.

Can anyone say what remote this has?

The listing page states the TV and a remote are included. The spec sheet PDF linked states the box should also include a “One Connect Box” and a “One Invisible Connection” cable. Are these two items not included?
Also…anyone have any idea on whether the Samsung ‘no-gap’ wall mount is compatible with this set? The model number here doesn’t exactly match what I’m finding on the Samsung site. Though it looks like this might work: Mount-it on Amazon

Hi there. We checked with our vendor.

“I think that is a mistake on Samsung’s manual. The connection ports are built into the TV and they no longer come with the One Connect Box.”

Thank you! That helps it does seem to just be a case of poor wording on the PDF. Subsequent pages state only the remote is included so the other items were probably left over from other promotional material they forgot to delete

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If remote is this style/type, ( UN65KS9000FXZA ) , I’ll buy a 55".

If it’s not, and more like ( BN59-01178B ) , I’ll pass.

@ThunderThighs, can you assist?
Please and thank you…

It comes with

Samsung OneRemote (TM-1950A)

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Can I buy extended warranty with this?

Yes. A SquareTrade widget is at the top of the features but requires Flash (don’t ask). You’ll need to move to a device that supports Flash.

My question has to do with flash being officially phased out and what browser to use. I am purchasing a monitor “” (Found your site via a reddit post) and when it arrives and I verify that the product arrived without defect or malfunction I’d like to purchase the extended warranty. Edge and chrome refuse flash and isn’t internet explorer a security risk? I’m on computer.

Yes, I know. The widget is owned by SquareTrade though so we don’t have an control over it. We’re aware of the phase out of Flash and are looking into a path forward.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any good options for you at this time.

I did some googling and found out that in edge you can manually whitelist the squaretrade site by clicking the “addon blocked” notice and turning on flash enabled. Then you’ll get a little pop up warning that flash is being discontinued December 2020 for Edge. I’m looking forward to my package and am excited to document and post my experience with this order when it arrives :slight_smile:, Thank you for your consistent responses and helpful posts.

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Good sleuthing on that. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Everyone, i’m trying to do some research on some of the more in depth spec of this TV. Unfortunately i don’t find much coming up under q7d in the 82 inch size, not even on the Samsung website. does anyone know of the manufacture dates of this model or if this is a typo in the product details and is should b one of the q70 models?

This was a BJ’s warehouse model number. It’s got all the same specs as the Q7DR on the Samsung website.