Samsung Quad-Core i7 Notebook

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Samsung Quad-Core i7 Notebook
$699.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Lots of money for this notebook

Very fast processor rated over 6000 at passmark.

Dang, this must be a time travel machine, for sure!

Awww… Come on, give us some cool junk we can afford to buy.

Does this mean I can play video games on it?

“Very good” (four out of 5) editors rating review at PC Mag.

Seems like a solid deal. We have had an awesome experience with our I7 and will never use anything else

Very nice processor… the 6GB of ram is a nice touch, but it unfortunately isn’t upgradable to 16GB. For it being a ReFurb and the price, I’d expect a blu-ray really…

A smaller 7200 RPM drive would give a decent perf. boost too.

I have heard good things about the Samsung Superbright screens though.

this laptop looks great! unfortunately my current (and moderately modern) Samsung is doing too well (please don’t let me jinx that…) for my wallet to justify a newer one!

However, I do enjoy Samsung as a brand, and this one seems awesome!

WiMax? WiDi? who the f uses them anyways?

more info about WiDi

I bought two of these from Woot and use them as professional graphics machines on video shows. HDMI out into the HD switcher, zero problems. These machines are fast, reliable, and have held up well thus far. Runs PowerPoint and Photoshop effortlessly.

5400 RPM drive is a slow dog… Plenty of ram though so I guess overall it’s ok.

Depends on the game. Games like World of Warcraft and the like no problem. Moderm FPS without turning everything to ‘low quality’ settings will be an issue. Here are the passmark ratings for the video processor in it:

HD6490M at Passmark scored 645.

For reference, a popular older desktop graphics card, the Geforce 9800GTS ranks around 900. So in a nutshell, if you are not real picky about having to have everything on high settings, you should be able to play most games without too frustration.

Scroll down the the bottom of this page and you can see rough estimates of game performance with this particular grapchis card.

With the Graphics card AMD Radeon 6490M (512MB dedicated), I would venture to say yes, but I wouldnt bank on high settings. Medium if you are lucky.

Bought this in November I think. Best buy I ever made.I’d wish I had bought two. I waited a long time for this laptop to appear again. Great powerful computer . Don’t think --buy, buy, buy!!! Won’t regret it.

This is not really true with a drive that large (750Gigs). There are a lot of factors that determine drive read/write performance other than the RPM (platter size, cache, etc). An older 120GB notebook drive at 5400 RPM will be very slow, but most of the newer larger 5400 drives are much faster.

Without knowing the exact model in this laptop we can’t really look up benchmarks, but there are 5400rpm drives that actually outperform some 7200 drives.

It’s safe to say that the drive in this one (likely a Samsung brand) is faster than what most people think of when they see 5400 RPM and compare it from experience of a drive that speed from the past.

Product Page/Reviews

Looks a lot more stylish and slimmer. Actually kind of appealing to the eye too.

Damn, I wish I had the money, as I want to replace my seven year old HP laptop. And, I really don’t want a Intel-based chipset.

Anyone know the performance with Starcraft II and World of Warcraft? How about Skyrim?