Samsung Quad-Core i7 Notebook

I was about to get it for my son, but the graphics card is weak. If I upgrade I might as well just get a computer that is more powerful to begin with. If you don’t play games, this laptop is a nice deal.

And everyone else who answered. Thanks!

Newegg has the same refurbished model for $770 (originally $1300) so this is a better deal than I originally thought. Several comments about the 5400 RPM drive vice a 7200 RPM drive. Be aware that the faster drive generates more heat and heat is the #1 enemy of laptops. I’d opt for the slightly slower but longer lasting 5400 drive myself.

One of the complaints I have with many new computers (and one of the Cons on the Pc Mag review) is the abundance of bloatware, unnecessary software pre-installed that just slows down and often complicates thing.

I highly recommend those who may not have the experience on knowing what to uninstall use the free software pcdecrapifier which will safely and automatically uninstall a lot of the bloatware.

I do have to ask: is this infested with Vashta Nerada?

Makes me almost wish I needed a new laptop … hmmm … if I spill my drink just so … would my household insurance cover it? Hmmm …

empty libraries are creepier if there are too many shadows.

also, someone beat me to the vashta nerada ref. :confused:

Nice that it has HDMI, but resolution is only 1600 x 900.

Easy pass.

Can anyone comment on the trackpad quality vs Apple trackpads?

I have to agree with Jseurea, I bought a (blech)AMD(blech) laptop a few months before i got my Intel i7 and wish i would have spent the few extra bucks and got the i7 laptop. This is a solid Deal, I would look at maxing the RAM though :slight_smile:

I used to have a macbook pro, and now have this samsung. I do love this computer, but the trackpad on the apple was better. That being said, this computer is a workhorse.

Just in case anyone is confused, the display may be 1600x900, but if you output to a higher resolution display (via HDMI or WiDi) it should match that display’s resolution.

I like AMD better than Intel but it’s a personal choice. I’ve had much better luck with AMD too.

Only if you have the rider for electronics — he he he —

My AMD is a DOG (wolf wolf) it does not Stream video, constantly freezes up. I hate it. the only thing that i use it for now a days is to RDP to my i7 desktop at home. :slight_smile:

Interesting info about resolution in different time frames.

BTW I would be quite content with that resolution.

only use an i7? blah I got the i9 and won’t go back

Nice unit. I bought basically the same model new, a month ago at Costco for $699 with a 2 year warranty.

I’ve had this laptop since October. First thing I did was take out the 5400 RPM drive and put in a hybrid drive. then I added only one stick of ram to get it up to 8 gb. I feel I got jiped at 900 for this new compared to the nice one. I bought at Best Buy.

You do not get VGA adapter and its hard to find. The touchpad is difficult sometimes and great other times.

Hard drive was hard to replace, ram was easy.

The laptop is very fast however so I can not complain about much.

Does any one know if it is easy to upgrade the hard drive and RAM?