Samsung Quad-Core i7 Notebook

got this the last time around except it came with 1GB dedicated NVIDIA graphics card… you MUST buy this laptop if you’re looking for one. a better deal simply does not exist.

This laptop is a replacement to my macbook pro.

In windows with the Elantech software the trackpad is great. if you install windows yourself you better find the elantech software. A tip it is not on samsungs sight under the correct model number, look for a different version of the 7 series.

the pad is pure crap in ubuntu if you care.

Damn, I’ve been looking for a decently powerful laptop to use for work when I’m hanging out at Enchanted Grounds (coffee shop and game emporium). If this had a halfway decent video card and came with anything other than Windows, I’d be all over it.

As is, I’m still planning on the System76 Gazelle Professional.

Actually most i7 processors (including this one) Will support 16 gig of ram if you use a slower speed. 1066 vs 1333

Here are the specs on the processor

i’ve been looking at getting a laptop for several weeks/months now. was set on the Acer Aspire AS5755G-6841 (2.5ghz i5, 4gb 1066 DDR3, 500gb HD, and a GeForce GT 540M 1GB dedicated)

Well this laptop has some better specs, good reviews, except i’m not sure about the video card… all for the same price, but a refurb.

anywho, i just w00ted.

and i do not have to painstakingly check laptop prices anymore -_-

Yeeeaaaaah. No there’s not. Not a single one. No 5400rpm drive will out perform ANY 7200rpm drive - EVER. It’s the simple fact of how fast they can move data past the read/write heads.

I connect my current lappy via VGA cable to a monitor (37" tv) for desktop use. This laptop doesn’t have a VGA output. Will HDMI cable serve the same purpose?

Where do I find all the details about this laptop? Like if it has light up keys, you don’t realize how important that is until you don’t have it.

I bot a NEW HP with similar spec +8GB RAM, 15.6 display, beat audio, 750gb drive, 1 GB graphic card, same processor at around thanksgiving for 699. It was also available in Jan 2012. I have not checked lately. but 699 for a refurbished? How can this be a good deal? No deal.

Does anyone know if this unit has the back lit keyboard ?

Bought this just a couple weeks ago at Best Buy for $1000, but it had 8gb of ram & 1tb of storage. I build pc’s and this is an incredible unit. The 8gb ssd cache makes startup time always less than 30 seconds. I got it down to 14 seconds uninstalling bloatware. The chasis is beautiful to any eye, given its slim build and aluminum enclosure.

Yes, this has a backlit keyboard. (Last poster asked).

Virtually same hardware as a top of a line macbook pro but 60-70% less the price.

Highly recommended.

not saying youre wrong, but i cant find that feature listed on any website?

I’m using the Samsung QX410-S02 (earlier model with a core-i5 model, nvidia 310M) with HDMI out hooked up regularly onto a 1920x1080 display to play games and do work for school. As long as I’m playing at a reasonable graphics setting compared to my desktop, than everything plays just smoothly. I imagine that this would do just fine for video playback and gaming as long as you bumped the RAM up to max.

7200RPM drives don’t really use any more power than 5400RPM drives and are a good notch faster. Look up the datasheets if you don’t believe. Less than 1 watt more power. Won’t really impact battery life or any noticeable heat.

Actually they can. For instance, take a Hitachi 7k100 7200RPM 100GB laptop drive and compare it to a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 5400RPM 1TB hard drive. The 1TB drive will pwn it in every way, except for random access benchmarks, but in the real world, it’ll pwn the 7K100 in every way due to the sheer increase in platter density, 10 times more density since both drives are 2 platters.

Now if you comparing a 5400RPM and 7200RPM drive that are of similar capacity, the 7200RPM drive is very likely to be faster in the real world, but wait a few generations for the latest 5400RPM drive and that may be as fast as the older 7200RPM models.


Just bought this exact model at Best Buy with minor changes, 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD, for $999 new, an OK price for what you get, VERY FAST CPU i7 2.2GHZ 8 cores, Great computer, Decent Graphics, if you want something to play games on high settings, you have to spend a little more on a better laptop,
Cons: Max Resolution 1600x900

Don’t think you’re right about this one. There are several factors influencing disk performance speed, including density which could allow more data to pass by the heads of a slower drive in unit time than a less dense but faster drive. There’s also caching, seek times, etc. (even fragmentation).

In the following (from 2008) you can see a comparison between some 5400 and 7200 rpm drives. The overall winner is easily the Hitachi Travelstar at 7200 rpm, but the WD unit at 5400 easily outpaces the Seagate Momentus running at 7200 rpm:

Define “practically the same unit” please. Was it same speed I7, same ram and ram speed, same hard drive space, and same videocard?

Nopeee-dope-dope, no backlit keymash on this model.

The Samsung Series 7 is a very nice laptop as long as you are willing to make some sacrifices at this price level. The model you are looking at here (NP700Z5B-W01UB) is/was a Best Buy exclusive model that has lower specs than the NP700Z5A models you will find elsewhere. This model does not contain the backlit keyboard, has a lesser video card (6490 vs 6750), and does not contain the 8GB SSD that is used for caching.

With that said, I have the NP700Z5A and it is a great laptop. The model listed here retails for $1000 at Best Buy, with the one I have being another $150 on top of that, so if you are willing to accept the couple of sacrifices I have listed above this is a great laptop… especially for the price.

Link to Best Buy page showing retail price.

Link to Anandtech showing model comparison.