Samsung Radiant360 R3 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

I bought two Radiant 360 R1’s at Costco last year. The Samsung app for multi room is OK but getting my music library from my computer was wonky nearly impossible to get working. Never did get it to work all the time I ended up returning one and keeping one as just a bluetooth speaker. The speaker sounds great. Unless you want to spend time figuring out the samsung app and how to play your music library on a computer I would not use this as a multiroom device. That being said if you want a really good sounding bluetooth speaker I can only imagine that the R3 would be great.

No speaker should be advertised for sale without specifying its frequency response. And no speaker should be called a subwoofer unless it goes below 40Hz; that’s what the ‘sub’ part means. There, I said it.

It is not portable. Needs 110 VAC

I don’t see where it says it was portable. :\