Samsung S6 32GB for Verizon (S&D)

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Samsung S6 32GB for Verizon (S&D)
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Aug 16 to Monday, Aug 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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6/24/2017 - $179.99 - Click To See Discussion (9 comments)

Has anyone purchased a refurbished phone on here? How did it look when you received it and also, how long did it last? I’m a bit hesitant because of only 90 day warranty.

Thanks for any help you may offer!

I bought a refurbed Galaxy S4 from Woot almost two years ago. Still working perfectly.

What’s Woot’s refund policy if it’s too scratched and dented. To their credit they recently offered me a refund on a Samsung smartwatch whose battery life was less than 12 hours.

I purchased an S5 for my wife and to my surprise, it was in pristine condition with no scratches or scrapes and works perfectly.

Bought a Note 4 over a year ago phone looked brand new no issues except normal ones like needed new battery. Still working great.

Bought a Galaxy note edge a few months ago. Condition was good, but I started having issues. Researched it and found that the not edge had a history of hardware issues. Contacted woot andf they gave me the option of full refund, no questions ask, or keep the phone and get a $30.00 credit back. I like a challenge so I kept the phone. Sent it in to the USA service center ($70.00 with shipping both ways) and hope they will fix it. Found a number of post where others had done the same and got back a rebuilt phone for that price… I should be getting my phone back next week and will see if the $70 gets me a NEW phone or if I should have taken the full refund:)

It says that you can use this phone to make calls over WiFi. Does it actually function as a regular phone? I have WiFi everywhere I go and don’t want to get locked into a contract.

I have a Google phone number and I use the phone part of Google Hangouts to make calls via wifi. I’m not as sure about receiving calls, but I’m pretty sure there’s a way.

Yup, get a free Google Voice number and install Hangouts.

As long as you have Wi-Fi you’ve got a perfectly functioning phone.

I use Hangouts / Google Voice for everything as it doesn’t count against my Verizon voice minutes.

You also can’t beat the rates for Google Voice international calls.

Have Fun!


Same here - my S5 is working well, too!

3 hours after I post this, my S5 resets itself - factory reset, lost everything. Not sure what caused it, but I am distressed to say the least. Nope, was not backed up recently…