Samsung S6 CHARGING PAD Bundles

Is this the fast charge version?

I don’t believe so. I found a review on the]product page that compares it to the fast charging version:

I have both this charger and the fast charging version. I’ll say they are both great and super convenient. I don’t have to worry about having my phone in Power Saving mode all the time because I have a charger on my desk and one at home.

Also, looking further, the fast charge version looks different and says “Fast Charge” in the title and on the device itself.

Convenient, but s-l-o-w! Takes forever to go from half to a full charge

Yes it is not a fast charger, but I just purchased this over at a Bestbuy brick and mortar for 50 bucks. So I have to say, this is a killer deal.

I bought this on a previous woot-off. It is a good deal that has its benefits and limitations.

The case is exactly what I’ve been looking for for oh so long–form-fitting with essential protection. Not only do I love the case, but so do my pockets, literally and financially.

However, with the charger, you must be patient. Don’t expect to just throw your phone on this and expect it to charge. You have to make sure that it is precisely placed on the sweet spot for the two to appreciate each other and do their electrical magic. Once the two do recognize each other be patient-they are slow and steady lovers that can take a whole night to make one come to their full potential. They will ensure pretty lights when the magic happens. (Sometimes a good jiggle is all it takes, though :wink: I keep it on my nightstand for inspiration.

My suggestion is that if you are the patient type that prefers quality, this is a good purchase. On the other hand, if you like it quick and dirty, go to the craigslist personal ads.