Samsung S6 CHARGING PAD Bundles

Will this charging pad work with a Note 5? Can you use it with a Otterbox case?

If the Note 5 has the integrated charging technology, then yes. You would need to check with Otterbox about the case.

Yes it works on the Note 5 as I have one. I have a case on mine but not the otterbox but works fine with my case.

I have an Otterbox commuter on my S6, works just fine with the charging pad.


Is the the fast charge pad or the standard

Any idea whether this will also work with the Galaxy S7?

edited to add: Not concerned about the case, but the charging pad is what I’m wondering about.

It is compatible with any Qi-certified device. It does look like the Galaxy s7 does have that, but you should probably verify that with your device before purchasing.